Goin’ Down

The recent death of Peter Tork (of the Monkees fame) made me think of this song by one of the two surviving band members, Micky Dolenz. I’ve always enjoyed this very much. Hope you do, too.


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    That’s a lot of words to remember.

    I could go drinkin’ with this fellow.

    Nicely done Claudia, thank you.

  2. Kindof a scat (pre-hip-hop) many words song but I like the message! Sounds like Mikey got sober at some point in his life?… and probably a big contribution to reason he is still alive! Check out Ringo Starr! (Remember, however even Bobby Darin with his fabulous voice and stage presence had a great career cut short by natural causes not exactly booze…) except it just seems that so many could not escape “going down”… Life and how it goes, is just hard to know 🙂

  3. The 60’s and 70’s saw the greatest explosion of musical creativity in history I think. Now that we are 60 years on and you can hear it in nursing homes, grocery stores, and elevators I’m pretty tired of it.
    The memories of vinyl records, underground music; and the parties which were the only place a person could hear the good stuff turned way up eclipsed the common, commercial fare on the AM radio. Only dorks went around humming “we are the monkees”, “I’m leaving on a jet plane” or “I think I love you”. Serious students of music were too busy doing drugs and losing their hearing.

  4. Without searching, IIRC, that was a B side of some big hit 45. Don’t think it made it to an album. I thought I’d discovered a real hidden gem.

    Somewhere, I still have preliminary sketches I did in High School for a cartoon to accompany that song. Maybe someday…

    Dolenz and Nesmith should tour now with McCarney and Starr. It only makes sense.

  5. Ricky Nelson’s dad, Ozzie, has been credited as the first music video. Travelling Man had Ricky superimposed over many foreing cities showing girls he knew around the world. It debuted on and episode of Ozzie and Harriet, 1961.

  6. Part Two; I was an audio mixer at a Seattle TV stations. Some, but not all of the Monkees appeared on our Noon News show. Their advance team told the producer, under no circumstances were the Monkees be approached by the studio crew. I was a professional, but I would have loved to “make” one of their microphones fail. I didn’t. I don’t recall any other celebrity guests ever doing that.


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