Taking the High Road – George Lopez “Pees” on Trump Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

George Lopez pretend pees on Trump’s Hollywood star.

21 Comments on Taking the High Road – George Lopez “Pees” on Trump Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

  1. This is all over FB and IG gun/military sites. I think the guys gone far enough that he might actually have a bounty on his head. I’m not joking.

  2. The more these perverted sewage rats continue their filthy behavior the more people turn
    away and join the walkaway movement.

    George please defecate next time….that’ll ensure send thousand more people run away
    from you and your fellow sickos.

  3. This, according to Wikipedia, is his greatest last accomplishment. Go figure.

    “George was invited to be a guest judge on America’s Got Talent in 2016. He was allowed to use his golden buzzer once, which made an act go straight to the live shows. He used his on the dance group Malevo.”

  4. Rancid little bastard thinks that he’s funny or that he is rebelling in some twisted way… Sad.

  5. US borne , yet pissing on and promoting stealing from America is in the DNA. Shame talent is not genetic.

  6. Never liked him from his beginning.
    Obnoxious snot nosed America hater.

  7. Practicing for his future as a washed up ‘personality’, joining the vast homeless created by leftist like himself.

  8. Does George have a Star?
    If you really want to make a statement, don’t be a chickenshit like George; use the real thing

  9. That’s 1 reason I won’t have the nasty wetbacks working in my plant, ignorant bitches will piss in the corner rather than walk 50 feet to the restroom.

  10. If he really pulled out his dick in public and peed on the sidewalk (Trumps star) then some citizen ought to demand he be arrested for public lewdness and if the video shows any kids under 16 around then he should have the sex offender label dropped on him. Now I know that’s not going to happen however think of the money it would cost him in legal advice alone if the threat presented itself and unlike the Clinton’s that’s not tax-deductible.


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