Gold Meddler

Obama deserves some form of recognition for the number of times he meddled in the national elections in other nations during his term in office. Most know of his attempts to defeat Netanyahu at the polls in Israel, but few know about the other occasions his administration spent U.S. taxpayer money favoring one national candidate over another. Here

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  1. You can bet that his handlers knew what a multi-purpose tool (of destruction) they had in this jackass.

  2. Let me guess, this is how the left would cover for Obama. The MSM didn’t complain about their guy, so it shouldn’t matter. Followed by a race card play.

  3. Obama brokered the overthrow of President Yanukovych of Ukraine using money, Mrs.Nuland of State, Hillary etc…Yanukovych was elected but Obama said that there needed to be a ‘Democratic Transition’ and installed the new President who seems to be a Nazi..or Socialist. Anyway…there should have been a firing squad in America because this lead Putin to start a war to protect Russians, from Nazi rule, who were moved into the Ukraine by Stalin and followers…so why? Stupidity? No, Biden’s son and Kerry’s son in law…that’s why…so many died so far , Putin reviled by the Left with Trump to divert attention…from the Biden/Kerry boys…think about this, understand the venal evil..

  4. Considering that Obama admitted that he was from Kenya, doesn’t that prove that we did have foreign intervention in our election?

  5. OOPs…Kerry step son not son in rich and running Ukraine gas supply’ with Biden boy..

  6. Barry always liked to play games and pretend he was powerful. Remember all the drone strikes, when he insisted on watching people die from the safety of his situation room?
    I know Trump has a big ego, but Barry’s may be the biggest I have seen.


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