“Golden Girl” Betty White Dies at Age 99 – IOTW Report

“Golden Girl” Betty White Dies at Age 99

Yahoo: Betty White died at age 99 Friday, TMZ reported.

Jeff Witjas, White’s agent and friend, confirmed her death to The Daily Beast, saying she “passed away peacefully in her home in Brentwood, California.” He told People in a statement he thought White “would live forever.”

“I will miss her terribly and so will the animal world that she loved so much. I don’t think Betty ever feared passing because she always wanted to be with her most beloved husband Allen Ludden. She believed she would be with him again,” Witjas said.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department told Rolling Stone they responded to a medical aid request Friday morning after receiving a call at 9:33 a.m. MORE

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  1. “I will miss her terribly and so will the animal world that she loved so much.”

    We didn’t miss her. We ate her face. YUCK!

  2. This is great! It’s all Trump’s fault that Betty won’t be voting Democrat any longer. Was it the jab that did her in?

  3. “This is great! It’s all Trump’s fault that Betty won’t be voting Democrat any longer.”

    That’s a hell of an assumption. Dead Libtards vote ever.

  4. Gezz–you people have no heart. No matter her politics or whatever, she lived a long time and was a good actress. Don’t wish a person to the burning after life, look in a mirror and get your life in order…

  5. Deaths comes in threes, so may this will be the last of those who couldn’t make it through the holidays.

    I Remember Betty White from “Mary Tyler Moore” as being decently funny, didn’t follow her politics or her acting. Did a funny “Snickers” commercial a few years ago. Bye Betty.

  6. Her name is White.

    That makes her racist.

    Good riddance, Honkey.

    One less to kill on the day of Jubilee.

  7. I thought she was pretty cool, not really plugged into that culture but the few times she popped up on my radar, she was OK.

    Didn’t know her politics which is always a good sign.

    Happy Travels Betty

  8. Just pass’n thru
    DECEMBER 31, 2021 AT 6:47 PM
    “Don’t wish a person to the burning after life”

    Nobody wished her anywhere.

    She spent her life buying her ticket on the Southbound And Down.

    We’re just relieved to see her use it.

  9. “Brad’s back. The IQ of the commentators descends to the same level as frozen turds.”

    Willey, everyone here smell you dumb ass. Happy New Year. Go out and do something constructive for the New Year.

  10. After 1970 and after Nam, I did not want to watch much TV. I may have seen her in a few seconds of her TV program “All The Nasty Ladies” (kidding) over my wife’s shoulder, that’s all. I am neutral, neither happy nor sad at her death. It’s in God’s plan & design and that’s all.

    I saw in her bio, which I just read, that she wrote a book, Betty White’s Pet-Love: How Pets Take Care of Us. I have seen and heard too much of this nonsense, such as the sign people put on their cars with the paw outline that says “Who Rescued Who?” Most people here know me as a pet lover. But a person who feels rescued by a pet cat, dog, bird, turtle, or whatever has some serious mental health problems. There is only one savior. Pets come and go. God and Jesus are forever.

  11. Brad,

    Betty White WILL still be voting Democrat for about 3 more elections.


    Have a Good work out tomorrow, I will.

  12. Listen friends,

    I’m saving all my tears for Lynda Carter.

    No Idea how she votes, But that Rack proves 100% that:


  13. Brad, Like my mountain biking.

    The problem is that the trails are full of ice so I’ve switching back to the Iron Plates for a while.

    My tits are killing me from the Bench & Flies, but it’s a good hurt.

    Have a good 2022.

    I’m watching Georgia vs. Michigan.

  14. “I’m watching Georgia vs. Michigan.”

    Ditto, I’m in the ABA camp (anybody but Alabama), I hope Georgia gets another crack at them.

    I got a rowing machine about 6 months ago, my gym still requires masks so they can kiss my ass. I read that air-bikes and rowing machines are the best all body workouts.

    I’ll be up at 6am as well, the dogs get pissed if I oversleep.

  15. Richie,

    I don’t mind “Bamma” (the team, not the Asshole), but I truly Cannot stand Dick Saban OR Either Harbaugh brother.

    Otherwise, I generally like Michigan when anyone else is their coach.

    Cheers Officer.

  16. I have a mother in law who is 96. She deserves saint hood. For the first time the Christmas she didn’t remember who I was even though I’ve been married to her daughter for going on 27 years. I’ll cut Betty some slack. RIP.

  17. It’s a good thing I don’t bet on games anymore. My problem betting on who I wanted to win. Today it would have been Cincinnati and Michigan.

  18. The first bunch of comments, not all, are not what I am use to seeing here.
    What a bunch of assholes you are.
    Did you know her to say these things?
    What did she do to you?
    She lived a long life and was a champion of pets.

  19. Kcir, and it’s not just college. It’s everything, I have buddies that have waited to see what side I was taking just so they could take the opposite side. Sad to say they probably came out ahead.

  20. We’re doomed; I tell you! this is a bad portend: Betty White was one of The Immortals. With her passing, that leaves only Keith Richards. Should he follow, all that we know, all that is Sacred, all of the balance of our World will surely follow. Ready the star ships because we must soon seek an alternate existence.

    RIP, Betty

  21. Since she can no longer receive residuals, I’m REALLY hoping for the death of ‘Golden Girls” endless reruns for a two’fer.

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