Golly, I wonder why New York City is the epicenter

Patriot Retort: On Sunday the New York Times reported that the New York City area has become the epicenter of the Wuhan virus outbreak in the US.

Really?  The epicenter?  Ya think?!

More than 15,000 people in New York State have tested positive for COVID-19.  And most of those New York cases are concentrated in the NYC metropolitan area. As of last weekend, the NYC area accounted for 10,764 cases.  Of those, 1,800 are hospitalized.

The Times quotes New York’s inept mayor Bill de Blasio who said, “We are now, in New York City, the epicenter of this crisis in the United States of America.  I am not happy to tell you that. You’re not happy to hear it.”

That’s a very different tone from the guy who just twenty days earlier tweeted out this.

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  1. Also this city is filled with nothing but self centered assholes. I’m in my 40’s and have lived here almost my whole life. NYC has become a collection of foreigners who don’t give a shit about anything but themselves.

  2. This is the perfect opportunity for any opposing candidate to rip these a-holes new ones as the election approaches. Just think of the possible campaign ads on TV and radio…
    Trump could be the epicenter of the quake that causes a political tsunami across the country.
    Almost like a Godsend…

  3. I got a card in the mail today from our President detailing the steps how to prevent contracting COVID-19 and what to do if you happen to contract it. “A message from Donald Trump” plastered in big letters on the front, with bullet points on the back.

    It did not whatsoever describe what the virus is. Anyone that’s not already educated about how to avoid or deal with it should also be educated on what the hell it is, no?

    I question the source/authenticity. Did anyone else get this card?

  4. Thank you, @Jethro, for knowing what the word epicenter means and using correctly. This is very rare!

    If NYC is the epicenter of the Wuhan Plague outbreak in the U.S., then the plague outbreak itself is buried deep down in the bedrock of Manhattan Island.

  5. A sharp, short and painful lesson in hubris for the Left.
    Thinking with your screwy “feelings” can get you killed.

  6. @ecp ~ I got one in the mail today

    mine sez “President Trump’s Coronavirus Guidelines For America” … & guess what? … it has guidelines on what to do in case you, or your family members become sick

    also got one from my family physician … basically the same as the PDT one

  7. John, yes, but I doubt the lefties can see any hubris in themselves. I doubt they even recognize it as a character fault. We have to remember they are perfect because, as you say, they feel.

  8. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, yea that sounds better. I was paraphrasing, mine is filed in the trash already. Ahh, whatever, good enough for government work.

  9. Cuomo was on TV tonight saying that NYC is the current epicenter of the nation and that all respirators should be brought there first and when they finish being a epicenter he promised the equipment would be sent to the next epicenter. So if your not an epicenter good luck finding resources. He sounds like NYC lives are more valuable than anyone in the rest of our nation so they should naturally be first in line for getting needed respirators. I live in upstate NY so he’s saying I’m chizt out of luck.

  10. The new term for DeBlecchhio and his woke ilk is “Covidiot”:

    “Someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety.”

    And to add to that, someone who puts other people in danger in order to further a misguided, idiotic and dangerous political agenda.

  11. The commie mayor did his part to keep the virus spreading. How else can they tank the economy so President Trump looks bad?

  12. Considering the weak immune system of an AIDs patient, I wonder if this virus will finish what AIDs started. Both seem to be right at home in large urban areas

  13. de Blasio is the symptom of a real virus in New York: The Voters. He represents who they want.

    I don’t feel sorry for those in London and Paris that are over-run with the muslim virus, they voted and approved of all of it.

  14. Why doesn’t Trump create a logo like Obama did – so that the entire country can be plastered with signs at govt expense that will remind people of the trillions spent to help them?

    Every project could have a ” Make America Germ-free Again” logo, for example. What is a g word that means healthy?

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