Good Gal With A Gun Saves Policeman’s Life in Georgia

The Lid:

As liberals continue to ramp up their attacks on the all-important 2nd Amendment, we have been given yet another example of its power and glory.

The left just seems to hate guns, for a plethora of misguided reasons. What the liberal world fails to understand is there is no weapon on the planet, gun, knife, or otherwise, that can indiscriminately kill all by its lonesome. There must be an operator handling that weapon for any damage to be inflicted.

Yet, still, the Democrats and their looney leftist army continue to work toward creating an America in which only the bad guys will have firearms.

Luckily for one police officer in the state of Georgia, we have not yet arrived on that fateful day.

“It started at a Chevron on Georgia Highway 400 when 52-year-old Sgt. Randy Harkness arrived with a homeless man. Sheriff Jeff Johnson said the Harkness had given the man a courtesy ride to the gas station to help him out with a bit of money.

“’He then began to give the gentleman some money just to help him out and the suspect began to physically assault him,’ said Sheriff Johnson.

“The sheriff said a woman in a car at the Chevron witnessed the assault, got out of her car, gun in hand, and… MORE

10 Comments on Good Gal With A Gun Saves Policeman’s Life in Georgia

  1. I’ve not heard of this “news” source before and didn’t find it on a search. Is this site another, The Onion, source. I especially liked this line in the write up:
    “More importantly, the fact that this yet-unnamed woman was able to derail this deranged hobo’s attack on Sgt. Harkness ….”. hahaha, haven’t seen nor heard “hobo” since I was a kid. Love it!

  2. In the deranged world of the attack on the 2nd amendment, I predict we will soon see “crazy homeless lIves matter”

  3. So what was the cop doing after she shot the lumatic hobo off him? Was he on duty? Was he stupidly giving a ride to a bum in his personal vehicle? Crappy reportage.

  4. Use a round that begins with the number 4, aim for center of mass, and keep shooting until the perp drops. Good for her, but maybe a little more training needed.


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