Good grief what a sore loser

Patriot Retort: Poor Hillary, she can’t even win the contest for Biggest Sore Loser.

And all of us thought she that it in the bag.

Then again, they all thought she had the White House in the bag too.

But even Hillary can’t hold a candle to outsized sore loser Stacey Abrams.

Since her “not a concession speech,” Sore Loser Abrams has been on cable news daily whining and complaining about how unfair it all is.

Ironically, the media outlets that invite her on to piss and moan without challenge are the same ones who cluck-clucked at Republicans “pouncing” on Broward County’s shenanigans – claiming they were peddling a “conspiracy theory” about stealing an election.

They are the same media outlets that set their hair on fire two years ago over the possibility that candidate Trump might not accept the results of the 2016 election.

It was a danger – a threat to our “democracy.”

But now these guys can’t get enough of Sore Loser Abrams kvetching and moaning, whining and complaining while refusing to accept that she lost.

They finally have an example of a candidate “threatening our democracy” by refusing to accept the results of an election. But instead of sounding the alarm over this, they happily play along – giving the sore loser a platform from which to peddle her sour grapes.

Now, I don’t expect the news media to be consistent. Do you?

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24 Comments on Good grief what a sore loser

  1. She was black. She was female. She was going to make history as the first black female Governor in the United States.

    And us STUPID PHUCKIN’ CRACKERS screwed that all up!

    Can’t blame Tank for being a bit miffed.

    I hope they can siphon off some leftover campaign money for her soon, as without that Governors salary, she’s gonna’ have to file bankruptcy before Christmas.

  2. One hope with this whiny, race baiting hulk of a woman is that the longer and more strident she gets the more she’ll turn off moderate democrat voters from the party. While the Democrat Party may be controlled by the hard left I’ll bet half of them are a damn sight closer to center then their masters realize and crap like this and Florida and Hillary are pushing them closer everyday.

  3. Guinness just published the Watermelon Seed Spitter Champion, Michael Strahan was the winner in distance, worthlessness with her was a tossup.

  4. From AB: “Every time I see her teef I want to stick a coke bottle in there and open it up.”

    Aaron, do you like the mezzican Cokes in the bottle with cane sugar or do you see that as ‘cultural appropriation’? I call those things ‘Morman Crack’ as I keep them in the fridge when a friend of mine visits from out of state. I never notice when a bottle or two goes missing.

  5. Lowell…. I am addicted to Mesikin’ cokes in the bottle. Where I live I can get tiny 8 ounce ones, regular 12 ounce ones and giant glass liter bottles of coca cola.

    I don’t do pepsi. Pepsi is for democrats, poor people, and Mets fans.

  6. “…giant glass liter bottles of coca cola.”

    Say whaaat?

    When I was a kid, they bottled Coke here in town. And it was made with cane sugar. Later on, they switched to corn syrup. Which has a slimy mouth feel the CO2 doesn’t come close to cutting. Now my favorite brown people have seen fit to provide the sparkling, burn my nose when I belch, cane sugar sweetened path to insulin dependency I missed so much.

    Bless they hearts!

  7. Mesiko’ doesn’t care about its teeth lowell. They make entire glass liter bottles of Mormon crack.

    I’ll mail you one after Thanksgiving.

  8. The natives were restless. It was a dank and swampy night. There was a strange, forbidding atmosphere in the air over the entire plantation. The thick, oppressive mist finally parted, and a huge gorilla staggered out of the dense jungle beating her hairy chest. The results of the election had been manipulated again by the evil, white masters, just as the famous silverback from the colony on the Left Coast had predicted.

  9. Done and done.

    Also, look for mesikin’ “bodegas” or “mercaditas” in your area. They usually have them.

  10. Come on people, show some sympathy. This woman now has no job, lots of tax and credit card bills outstanding and an above average appetite (based upon appearances). Just feeding herself will now present a serious hardship.

    Is this where that commercial for comes into play?

  11. It ain’t about losing – it’s about accepting we have a Republic and our citizens can vote. These fascists don’t want to hear that.

    Who, other than the dumbest of Americans, wants to be ruled by them?

  12. @BUTTHEADICUS (etc.): When I was a kid (back in the Stone Age) all soda waters (which is what they were/are called here) were a nickel. When Coke went to six cents, all us po’ kids switched to R.C. Cola (that’s pronounced “Ar-uh Cee Cola”) because not only was it still a nickel, but you got 10 ounces versus 6 for Coke. Yeah, it wasn’t quite as good as Coke, but economy beats taste when you don’t have money.

    Speaking of which, did I ever tell you about my extensive Gallo wine collection?


  13. Because she is a black female, she is ENTITLED to be the governnor.

    That’s what she is stamping her fat foot over.


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