Good News from Texas

It’s time we had some good news. This push back by local governments and LEO against unconstitutional orders is happening more than is being reported.

North Texas City and County Leaders
React to Abbott’s Face Mask Order

NBCDFW – City, as well as county officials, are reacting to the statewide face mask order announced Thursday by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Abbott issued a mandatory face mask ordinance for all counties in the state of Texas that currently have more than 20 cases of COVID-19.

Along with that order, Abbott also issued a proclamation giving mayors and county judges the ability to impose restrictions on some outdoor gatherings of over 10 people and making it mandatory that, with certain exceptions, people cannot be in groups larger than 10 and must maintain six feet of social distancing from others.

Collin County Judge Chris Hill issued a proclamation Thursday night, stating that “Collin County citizens are permitted to have outdoor gatherings in excess of 10 people.”

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Cleburne Scott Cain spoke with an NBC 5 reporter on Thursday. “I just issued a standing order approving gatherings of 10-100 in Cleburne. Fourth of July for friends and neighbors is alive and well in Cleburne as we celebrate freedom,” said Cain over the phone. [snip]

In Denton County, Sheriff Tracy Murphree told the Cross Timbers Gazette that his office will not enforce the governor’s mask order. “I don’t have the time or manpower to worry about whether people are wearing masks or not,” Murphree said. “I believe the Constitution trumps everything, and I believe in personal responsibility,” Murphree told the Gazette. NBC 5 reached out to the Denton Sheriff’s Department Public Information Officer, who stated: “Sheriff advised we are not enforcing.”

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  1. The reported resistance is milktoast at best. No body is really refuting the absurdity of the orders.

  2. JPM, it’s not milktoast when you live in one of those cities or counties that allow you to live your life freely.

    Instead of cowering inside and submitting to the unconstitutional demands of my overlord, Herr WHitler, I have been free to go about my business in the freedom I expect living in this country. I pay tribute to my county sheriff, Dar Leaf, for allowing me to do that.

  3. Why it is so important to have Republican leadership unfortunately the one thing Beto got us her in close counties was democrat judges. Harris and Hays for example. And Adler has a 35 day shut down prepared to go into effect on 7/14 IF Abbott gives him the power to implement it. Give them an inch and they continue to encroach.

  4. Seconded. I live in a county that’s mask free. Went across the state to pick up a canoe from an Indian…..

    That really happened, not a joke…..although in retrospect it does sound kinda’ cool….

    Anyway, the point is, the other counties are all mask mandatory…( cuz Indians) and it’s a pain in the ass.

  5. @ Aaron Burr….real birchbark or fiberglass?….maybe some mahogany/teak influence?…brass oar holders? or are you holding out for a different oar?….Arizona is replete with a variety of oars….

  6. @Aaron Burr – “.the other counties are all mask mandatory…( cuz Indians) and it’s a pain in the ass.”

    You may be wearing the mask incorrectly.

  7. Knox County health department tried this shit. Wrote that if you didn’t wear a mask in public spaces you’d be arrested, ticketed, face 30 days in jail.

    Sheriff’s department issued a statement and said, “Um, no. Stay in your own lane”

  8. Good one!

    But I feel bad for the injuns. There they are all wearing masks to keep a virus away that they’ll probably contract from white people.

    You stand there and you feel all “oh geeze…”

    Almost made me wish I had a mask.

    Almost. I mean, they closed the Popeys to walk in service. Seems sort of malicious…uncalled for…

  9. In Nevada, our dickless gov has OSHA chasing down businesses that are not enforcing people wearing masks. I think it’s horseshit to do that after businesses have been struggling to survive. On the other hand, I have a friend who did an accident investigation for a workers comp company – and OSHA asked for a copy of the report so they didn’t have to leave their offices (COVID, you know). My friend told them to go suck a big one. A day ago OSHA supplied a report to the gov about mask compliance, but my money is on the fact the pussies never left their offices.

  10. Willy……I got a fiberglass one with an aluminum keel.

    It was made in 1975 by a Minnesota company called Dolphin. The canoe is shaped….like an Indian canoe. I mean a stereotypical, every Indian canoe you’ve seen at summer camp, Disneyland or the movies.

    It’s white and PURPLE with GOLD FLAKE in the paint job. On the prow are two stickers. One has a big Indian chief head and the other sticker underneath says Chief.

    You can see pictures of what they look like on the internet.

    Apparently the guys wife took offence….typical Navajo grumpy squaw. So I snapped it up.

  11. Nice thing about living in rural areas and shopping in rural towns, almost nobody wears a mask. It seems though the larger the population of the town the more masks you see.

  12. My county commissioners opted out of the Kansas mask mandate before it went into effect last week. Now I won’t need to take bail money with me when I go to town this week.

  13. “Abbott issued a mandatory face mask ordinance…”

    Ordinance? I suggest a better word is diktat.

    It’s hard to believe his criterion is 20 cases¹ per county and not some number per capita. Well, I overspoke. That kind of stupidity isn’t all that hard to believe any more.

    1. Does he define “cases” himself or does he use one of the 27 competition definitions? Competing for the right balance of disease panic inflation and lust for power satisfaction.

  14. @Aaron Burr – He sounds good most of the time but has made some poor decisions. What we can say about his election is that he was definitely the lesser of two weasels.

  15. There is no enforcement mechanism in the TX mask order. It is left up to local officials if they want to enforce it. The key: “Local authorities may enforce the order”. Unlikely to be enforced outside the core cities where almost all infections are occurring.


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