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Good Question About the FBI

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How was the FBI able to almost immediately declare Paddock had no ties to ISIS — barely 12 hours after the shooting — when the same agency has spent over a year investigating President Trump with zero evidence linking him to Russia, all while refusing to declare Trump has no ties to Russia?

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  1. In the interview of the brother of the “alleged shooter”, he said his father’s name was Patrick Benjamin Paddock, but the FBI poster of his father says it was Benjamin Hoskins Paddock. The readout on the FBI poster says Patrick Benjamin Paddock was just one of his many aliases. Why would a son not know his own father’s real name?

  2. Very conspiracy theorist, but it raises very REAL questions. This thing STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN.

    Just because a conspiracy is only a theory doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    Still want more facts, I’ll give the lying ‘powers that be’ a couple of days to come up with the ‘truth’. But I won’t buy anything reported on CNNBCBSABC or their fellow politi-whores.

  3. Well, antifah is calling for civil wah on November 4th… I’m sure everything will be cleared up by then.

  4. Because they are hopelessly corrupt and politicized.

    Some would say they’ve lost credibility due to numerous failures, ethical lapses, etc. And others say their reputation was never deserved in the first place.

    Seems like their and the ATFs biggest “successes” are where they entrap people in a sting by soliciting to provide weapons, logistics, or some such to whoever and if that person eventually says yes then it’s another great day for the FUN.

    Yet if a “lone wolf” starts killing people, you can bet that the FBI already interviewed them and cleared them of anything suspicious at all.

    Just don’t put that “Audit the Fed” sticker on your car.

  5. Yeah, but what was his “intent?”

    Since he’s dead, we’ll never know, of course, but we can speculate that he never had any “intention” of killing people … maybe he was just upset at the noise?
    Did he wipe his hard drive of all references to izlam?
    Was he one of Harry Reid’s supporters?

    Why can’t he be given the same latitude as HRC?

    The FBI manufactures evidence, for Pete’s sake (well, for Clinton’s sake)!
    They lie like rugs!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Comey was the death rattle of credibility in the FBI. Which is a shame, since there really are some fine agents. As an organic agency, though, it’s toxic.

  7. The FBI, Fake Bureau of Investigation needs to be swept clean. Bring back Eugene McCarthy. Commies and now Muslims have infiltrated almost all federal bureaus.

  8. Could it have been possible for one shooter to be holding a rifle in each hand/arm and firing both simultaneously (ala Arnold Schwarzenegger)?
    Would that be able to account for the long reload time? Changing mags on two rifles to then re-acquire the “playing field” (to be intentionally crass using the perpetrators perspective)?

  9. The weapon(s) were obviously not magazine fed. the string of shooting was 10-11 seconds, which would indicate belt-fed, also because of the long stretches of reloading, which would not be so long just slamming a magazine in place.

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