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Where Do the Candidates Stand on the Muslim Brotherhood?

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  1. Cruz is to the right of Trump here-Trump needs to call these motherfuckers out-they need to be labeled as the terrorist organization that they are and declared illegal & disbanded.

    I swear it’s though traditional America has duct taped a .44 to our forehead and we’re walking through banana peels with a blindfold on.

    George Washington would be crossing the Potomac this time, not the Delaware.

    I’d be right behind him, swear to God.

  2. I have been searching for answers to that question, and so far the only thing I know is Carly Farina loves the Muslims, admires the Ottoman Empire (oh God I feel faint) . Mary Jane ankle straps. I hope you keep on this, and keep us posted.
    Cruz for POTUS

  3. Agreed. They should be asked and it’s a simple yes or no answer as to whether the MB is in fact a terrorist organization. Unfortunately, most of these RINO hacks will drone on and on never actually giving an answer. I surmise Christie wins though with the longest response.

  4. Isn’t it about time a lot of these RINOS get out of the race? It is wearing thin to me. Pataki is now gone, thank goodness. How is Christie performing his duties as NJ governor? How is Marco representing Florida in Congress? Boys, you’re being paid to do a job and you’re fudging on it.

  5. Trump’s having a YUUUUGE tazer custom- built just for the Bastards – That’ll fix ’em faster than ol Jebbie ever could.

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