Good Will Goodwill

A guy was socking away money to surprise his wife with a trip to Italy. He put away $8,000. He hid the dough in an orange shirt at the back of the closet.

Like a sitcom episode, the wife asked him if he had anything to donate because she was making a Goodwill run. He told her he had some shirts that could go.

She ended up taking the orange shirt.

2 days later he went to put a hundred dollars into the till, but the shirt was gone. In a blood draining bit of clarity he realized what happened. They both ran down to the Goodwill but the shirt wasn’t there.

He cried. They went home. They prayed.

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  1. As a counselor of people in the public mental health/developmental disability realm you’d be surprised at how common this sort of thing happens and how consistently honest workers in these types of organizations are.

    Most are disabled or working toward learning basic job skills, get paid low wages, but are people connected and compassionate.

    They are always overlooked as true resources in our society. I say good for this agency and its staff.

  2. Good to see honesty prevail. If this were in DC, goodbye cash.

    $8k doesn’t take up that much space, especially Bennies. I’m sure we’ve all seen more than that amount in mixed bills… it really isn’t all that voluminous.

  3. Wonder if he could have written the shirt off as an 8000$ donation.
    How much wee Bill and Helleries underwear worth?

  4. “You don’t happen to have 8,000 bucks on you?”
    “No, we don’t use money in Heaven.”
    “Oh, I forgot…well, it comes in real handy down here, bub!”

  5. Interesting how the lowest paid workers are often the most honest. In one major city, the head of Goodwill makes just a few thousand short of a million dollars a year. His two assistants each make north of a half a million dollars a year! The disabled workers get the work and the shaft when it comes to a paycheck!

  6. Kemo Sabe:

    Yep you are right. The directors take the cash (and because the workers are entry level they never get enough power to get raises)

    What these people are is simple: They need the cash like everybody else but don’t want it at somebody else’s expense. Unlike people like bernie madoff and those who build their empires at places like goodwill and ymca’s and those dandy little abortion chop shops we called planned parenthoods.


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