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Google Let Go of 31 Massage Therapists Amid Mass Layoffs

Awwwwww, let’s set up a Go-Fund-Me for these poor slobs.

Business Insider – The Google employees who managed to avoid mass layoffs last week may have to continue doing their jobs without on-site massages.

Out of the 12,000 employees Google let go last Friday, 31 of them were massage therapists based in California, according to WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) notices that Google filed with California on January 20.

Twenty-seven massage therapists were let go from Google’s Mountain View office, the filings show. Two more were based in Los Angeles, and one each in San Bruno and Irvine.

The WARN filings present the breadth of Google’s layoffs. Staff in California who have lost their jobs include members of the company’s corporate counsel, a diversity specialist, recruiting specialists, and dozens of directors across various divisions. 

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15 Comments on Google Let Go of 31 Massage Therapists Amid Mass Layoffs

  1. The great thing is the Google babies are being pushed out into the Cold, cruel world. The bad thing will be the adjustment period for many of the employers who hire them and have to wean them off their entitlement mentality.

  2. Those that survived the layoffs are now having a had assimilating due to their 7 hour per day massage time being reduced to 4.

  3. No more happy endings for you, round eyes.
    I remember having to let go of our full time massage therapists…at no time ever with any employer.

    Next victims will be nap rooms and, mediation sessions.

  4. All those “therapists” will now be doing Rub & Tugs in the parking lots at steel mills etc.

    Totally different clients but “Cash. No Tax.”

  5. Unbelievable! There are actual physically and mentally dangerous jobs in the real world but those people who do them for a lot less seem to be able to suck it up and carry on. What a bunch of tender little snowflakes.

  6. Waiting for Google, Meta/Facebook to come clean about their cozy government (CIA, FBI, DOJ, Whitehouse) association efforts to curb, obstruct, Stifle free speech of medical professionals, gun owners, conservatives, those that oppose the progressive agenda, woke ideology, questionable elections, weaponized federal government, the new green deal, etc., etc.

  7. @cato.

    It’s already begun. AT&T Directv already got rid of OAN in April. Today they pulled the plug on Newsmax.

    I contacted them. I wrote my congressman. Bob Good. They are silencing all conservative voices.

    I am being forced to pull the plug. Fuck’em.

  8. Sneer all you want (and a lot of that sneering is dead on target) but I found that when offered, a 15 minute in-chair massage of neck/shoulders/arms was quite invigorating and energizing and enabled several more productive hours hunched over the hot keyboard and wrestling with a rabid mouse.

  9. Uncle Al January 25, 2023 at 7:18 pm

    I so agree with you!

    When I was working a temporary job over Christmas, my supervisor hired someone to give us a 5 minute shoulder/back massage gift. That was about 25 years ago. I had a pain in my upper back for a year. When the guy found the tight spot I nearly shot straight up out of the chair. When he apologized, I told him he will only be sorry if he didn’t keep working on that for whatever time I had left!

    I walked away pain free, and to this day, it never returned.


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