Google Senior VP Threatens to ‘Identify’ Whistleblowers

BREITBART TECH: Following a recent WIRED piece that smears the whistleblowers at Google who have reported widespread misconduct at the company, including the rampant abuse and intimidation of conservative employees, a senior Google Vice President is now promising retribution against employees who speak up.

For the past several months, Google employees have been anonymously sharing evidence of alleged harassment, intimidation, and misconduct directed at conservative employees of the company. These include intimidation, open threats of violence, abuse of the HR system, and racist and sexist comments that go unpunished by Google. According to former employee James Damore’s class-action lawsuit against the company, many of these instances constitute labor law violations.

youtube- Google Senior VP Urs Hölzle

The WIRED story was widely circulated within Google by social justice activists, in an attempt to intimidate their peers from sharing their knowledge of labor violations with Breitbart Tech and with Damore’s attorney.

WIRED interviewed many of the worst extremists at Google, who attempted to recast the whistleblowers as “doxers” and “harassers,” although they provided no evidence to support these claims.

Management at Google is using the piece as an excuse to crack down on whistleblowers. Google senior vice president President Urs Hölzle, one of the company’s first ten employees, said he hoped to “identify” those responsible for the “reprehensible conduct.”  MORE HERE

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  1. Soon, if the technology mavens are not stopped and prosecuted, citizens will have to start taking matters into their own hands.
    They have entered into an unholy alliance with the Federal Government of the Obama Administration and now they must be pruned from the tree.

  2. Well, I’m already NOT using gaggle chrome as my browser. And NOT using gmail for my email.
    What else do I need to shed myself of?

    Can I tell gaggle to go fuck themselves in their g spot?

  3. That beast only dies if you quit giving it money. I’m glad there’s turmoil on the inside and I’m sure it isn’t just Conservatives or Libertarians getting screwed over. Dems, too. Because not all of the harassed were non-Dems.

  4. My Neanderthal side struggles with this. Mainly because my Neanderthal side occupies 90%. This guys a fucking pussy. Why are people putting up with this shit?

  5. Where are the “Anonymous” hackers when you need them? Maybe they could down Google for a couple of hours or until Urs Hölzle gets his ass fired and loses his stock oprions.

  6. Whistleblowers are in fact protected by the law so just expect to transfer a massive amount of cash to them for retaliation. These companies need to be brought to heel.

  7. So this genius announces that he will expose the whistle blowers, thus confirming publicly, that it is, indeed, a hostile workplace. Brilliant!

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