Google Suspends Fact Check Project

Daily Caller: Google says it is discontinuing its fact-check feature because it proved to be too faulty for public use, directly attributing the decision to an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation. The company has no date set for when it will return, if ever.

“We launched the reviewed claims feature at the end of last year as an experiment with the aim of helping people quickly learn more about news publications,” a spokeswoman for Google told TheDCNF, while also adding that TheDCNF was the catalyst for the recent move. “We said previously that we encountered challenges in our systems that maps fact checks to publishers, and on further examination it’s clear that we are unable to deliver the quality we’d like for users.”  Keep Reading

7 Comments on Google Suspends Fact Check Project

  1. They intended to target righty news sources but that would just help confirm that they were discriminating against conservatives within Google. Dang those lawsuits!

  2. Tucker has been beating the snot out of the lefties lately. I’m surprised any of them are willing to go on the air. Also he’s put a lot of heat on the scum at google which is about time someone did.

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