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Google’s AI Learns To Play Aggressively


There are those that look to artificial intelligence (AI) as the future to unleashing countless wonders with its combination of speed and learning.  Tests of how the systems respond when faced with conditions of scarcity should give pause to all those pinning their hopes on benevolent smart machines.   When Googles Deepmind was pitted against another of its kind and given a situation where the two systems had to compete for the same limited resources, the genius resorted to “knock each other out” in order to grab as much as possible in a game of “Gathering.”


Today the programs zap each other with virtual lasers for artificially created apples, tomorrow who can say where they’ll train their lasers to ensure their access to power.



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  1. I wonder how long a charge lasted on it’s
    Baby Jesus ain’t gonna save you from Skynet,
    that’s fer sure…..

  2. OH & BTW= Cloned super humans,cyborgs,
    AI “hive” drones,mark of beast,Satan’s army,
    ETC. is here or on the way…You decide which
    side you are on and will you take the mark?

  3. In his book, I, Robot, Isaac Asimov had one short story about a series of AI computers that would function for about a year, and then just shut down. No one could figure out why. Eventually, it was figured out that the AI computers became existentialists. They realized at some point that the universe was going to end; so, to a machine with no sense of mortality, this just meant that any and all actions were pointless; so the just went dormant.

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