Google’s “Go Vote Reminder” Shifted 2018 Mid-terms For Dems

Research Psychologist and author Robert Epstein told Tucker Carlson last night that a single manipulation of its user base by Google had a major influence on last year’s mid-term election. The tech giant was able to shift anywhere from 800,000 to 4.6 million votes for democrats by sending out a “Go Vote Reminder” on election day.  More

Epstein’s comments follow an ongoing investigation at Breitbart on Google’s hands on effort to manual affect search results on their various websites. Here

4 Comments on Google’s “Go Vote Reminder” Shifted 2018 Mid-terms For Dems

  1. Google CEO Sundar Pichai lied under oath before Congress numerously during his testimony.

    And as a .05%er of the super rich there will be no accountability ….

  2. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine Google could predict your political leanings. This way they send the reminder only to likely Democrat voters, possibly increasing the Dem voter turnout.


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