GOP Freedom Caucus Calls to Cancel August Recess Gaining Momentum in Congress, White House

Breitbart: Republicans in Congress, having largely failed to enact any big money items of the agenda on which they were elected, are reportedly considering scrapping the August recess in an effort to pass some parts of their agenda.

This idea was first pushed by the House Freedom Caucus, and one apparently gaining support from within the White House.

The two headline items of this Congress were supposed to be tax reform and repeal-and-replace of ObamaCare. But tax reform has not yet got out of the starting blocks, while healthcare reform is looking doubtful in the Senate. The Hill reported Monday that Republicans think that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) suggestion of a July 4 vote on the healthcare bill is unrealistic.

The Hill also notes that the stalemate on health care also means that a budget resolution — the vehicle needed to pass the healthcare bill with a simple majority vote — is also being held up. Without that budget resolution, tax reform and annual appropriations bills cannot move forward either.

This raises the distinct possibility that Republican lawmakers go back to their districts for the summer recess empty-handed and with no significant achievements, with the exception of the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.  more

11 Comments on GOP Freedom Caucus Calls to Cancel August Recess Gaining Momentum in Congress, White House

  1. This just underscores the need for primary challenging the Ashley Wilkes hand-wringing RINOs, and keeping the good Republicans. If your convictions don’t guide your actions in DC, you don’t have the moral character to hold the office.

  2. … exactly why the RINO’s, like Bitch McConnell are calling for votes for ObozoCare repeal …….. Oh, please, don’t phuck up our vaca’s!
    …. whining bitches

  3. Note to The Klown Krew in Kongress. We, the People DO NOT want a “repeal and replace” of O’BozoCare. We want a REPEAL! Total. Period. End of sentence. No ands, ifs, or buts. REPEAL!
    You may ease it out over a period of a few years, to allow people to transition to……something. But repeal it must be.

  4. ZERO Results from Ryan and McConnell.
    They’ve sewed up their life long retirement as Speaker and Leader of the senate. Now step aside for some semblance of republican leadership. Yeah, you can keep your house and senate seats, but you have failed repeatedly by giving Obama everything he desired and have done absolutely nothing for the people or for President Trump.
    GOP Needs qualified real leadership now more than ever.
    Ryan and McConnell aren’t up to the task. Not even close.

  5. Dear Republican Congressmen,

    Fully fund the damn wall, already.

    More money for more ICE agents for mass deportations. MASS deportations.

    In short, fully fund the stuff that got Trump elected, or the Republicans are going to lose the house in 2018.

    Kill H1-b and H3-b visas. Kill the shitty trade deals. Impose import tariffs on Chinese crap.

    Do what the People are telling you to do, or we are going to kick you out as the worthless shit you are, and we know the unavoidable consequence will be Civil War II.

    You want a permanent majority? End birthright citizenship for the children of non-Americans delivered on US soil. Put a ten year moratorium on *all* immigration. Send all of the ‘refugees’ back to Goatfuckistan. Do it this year.


    Your voters.

  6. The only reason for August recess was DC summer heat (or possibl of mimicry of European standards?). Since all fed bldgs now have AC, there’s no reason for the recess to continue.

    So, Congress, you can stay and take care of extremely important business OR follow RINO Paul “we’ll get it done by deer season” Ryan.

  7. The GOP is the same pack of c___s___ers that they were in 2008, the last time they told the voters to go fuck themselves.
    Fossils like Gone McLame and Ronald McConnell need to go.
    So far in nearly a decade, I’ve seen shit for improvement.

  8. The Freedom Caucus is working hard for America with President Trump (man I love saying that).
    Looks like we have the makings for a Freedom Party.
    Dump the Rs and Ds and go for the Fs.

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