GOP hack Rick Wilson: “put a bullet” in Donald Trump

FireAndreaMitchell: Usually, when we hear crap like Rick Wilson spewed (on MSNBC no less), it comes from the left. But this season, the GOP-e with hacks such as Rick Wilson seem more interstered in attacking Donald Trump and his fanbase rather than Hillary Clinton the crook or Bernie Sanders the socialist/communist.

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Last night, GOP-e hack and consultant Rick Wilson said the GOP establishment donor class must find a way to “put a bullet” in Donald Trump. Such hatred. Such fear. It’s pathetic. Remember, Rick Wilson and the GOP hacks are responsible for candidates like John McCain and Willard Mittens Romney.  more here

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  1. This dangerously erratic sort of reaction from such GOPe puppets makes me like Trump more and more. It’s time to crush the traitors (GOPe) before taking on the enemy (Dems).

  2. Agreed. The more I hear stuff like this, the more I like Trump. I like it when someone shakes up the RHINOs.

    I guarantee if you turn on Glenn Beck’s show at any random point on any day of the week, you will hear him freaking out about Trump.

  3. The eGOP is panicked because they see the caboose on the gravy train coming in the guise of Donald Trump.

    The eGOP is far worse than the Democrat Party to me, I have never had Democrat politicians stand in front of me personally and flat out lie to my face.

  4. Isn’t Trump getting Secret Service protection, now? Regardless, that sounds like a threat to me. Arrest the creep!

  5. I interpret that to mean that you’ve actually had democRats stand in front of you and flat out tell you they’re bald-faced liars.

  6. When your guy appears in the other sides media throwing your guy under the bus and agreeing with the other side … isn’t that kind of the definition of being on the other side? What’s more interesting is how so many of the GPOe are doing this. There is really nothing else to conclude except that they were always on the other side. Events lately in Congress would seem to support that.

  7. It’s not a race when sane people have the same thought, I’m certain I wasn’t the first to think the obvious.

    Had Clinton been threatened ins that, Wilson would have been pubically thrown to the ground and perp walked to DOJ neverland, like the anti Muslim film maker.

  8. funny the establishment representation cannot debate policy but has to resort to threats of violence to win.

    bad choice of word considering the blowback the msm gave sarah palin over her “targeting” democrats poster after the giffords shooting.

  9. JD Hasty: Don’t you watch TV? Ever listen to omamma, Pelosi, reid, axelrod. Not to mention Killary. Just askin’.

    They didn’t stand in front of you but they sure lied to you.

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