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GOP Lawmaker Pushes Bill Banning EPA Officials From Airline Travel

DailyCaller– A Republican lawmaker has proposed an amendment to an appropriations bill that would effectively ban Environmental Protection Agency employees from flying around the country on the taxpayer’s dime.

North Carolina Rep. Richard Hudson put forward an amendment barring “funds made available by this Act may be used may be used to pay the costs of any officer or employee of the [EPA] for official travel by airplane.”

As noted by Bloomberg reporter Anthony Adragna, it would basically make it so no EPA employee could fly on an airplane — unless of course they paid for it themselves.

7 Comments on GOP Lawmaker Pushes Bill Banning EPA Officials From Airline Travel

  1. I’d also include the only modes of transportation allowed for EPA are bicycle, sail boat and solar powered aircraft. Climate change is such a threat its time to lead by example.

  2. Or rollerblades! That would let them make use of all those paved bike trails!

  3. I always said that the ultimate source of “renewable energy” would be if we could harness the power of the founders spinning in their graves over the fact that 240 years after the revolution we even HAVE an EPA.

  4. Why stop with the EPA? Obama is promoting the climate change fraud, ground him and his “wife” and “children” as well.

  5. In light of the Globaloney Warming Science and the Extreme Danger of Flying (why else would we have the DHS and TSA?) NO Federal Employee should be allowed to fly (or move by train or automobile) on the taxpayers’ dime. Heaven forfend we should ever lose one of these invaluable paragons of civic-mindedness to the depredations of some “man-made” catastrophe or accident. The loss would be far greater than the worth.
    In fact, most of them should be incarcerated, under heavy guard (for their own protection, of course).

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Next, ban them from even crawling out of their holes.
    Poisonous vipers are not nearly as cruel as the EPA. And they are less dangerous to life and nature.
    And you can avoid vipers, but the EPA is like a tenacious rabid parasite that is always hungry for blood and changes the rules day by day to insure the supply never dries up. Bastards.

  7. The irony is strong with this one. Love it!

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