GOP presidential field balloons to 14

chris christie

Chris Christie officially jumps in

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  1. Fuck Tubby. He cost Romney an election which we are all paying for, The guys a stone cold loser. Period, end of story.

  2. OK let me make one thing clear on my own behalf. I don’t regularly make fun of fat people just because they’re fat. However, if I don’t like you and you’re fat… Mooch and Chris…It’s on. lol

  3. I’ve said this before here. If you don’t have enough self control to do some “Push Aways” to control your fat ass, you probably shouldn’t run for President. Just Push away from the dinner table tubby.

  4. Here’s my dream team:

    Pres. Ted Cruz
    VP Scott Walker
    AG Trey Goudy
    Sur.Gen. Ben Carson
    Sec of State. Donald Trump
    EPA Carla Farina (close it down)

    Sec of Defense. Hank Johnson Georgia Rep (Dem) shows we are reaching across the aisle. and will keep the isle of Guam from tipping into the ocean. and assure that all white cops are not racists.

  5. Tommy, keep your eye on Trump. He seriously pissed me off last time. But this time around he seems serious. Name someone that will hang with him in the debates. I can name one. Palin, but she’s not running.

  6. Hah! We do know that although he can’t see it he likes it enough to have built a nice roof over it to protect it from rain, snow, and sunburn.

  7. Don’t make fun of the disabled. Don’t you know he has Dunlap’s Disease?

    His stomach done lapped over
    his belt buckle.


  8. @Uncle Al

    Have you seen your weiner Christie
    Hiding in the shadows
    Have you seen your weiner Christie
    Hiding in the shadow
    I’m glad I averted my eyes

  9. If Christie is the 14th to declare, wouldn’t that make the number ballon to about 16.2?

  10. Your list has much in common with mine.

    Trump should be at Commerce, though, not State.

    I like Alan West for Defense.

    I would shut down EPA on my first day in office and find another slot for Carly. The effing IRS too.

    Put Walker in at Labor.

    Still undecided about my dream veep. I like Sarah but want her at Energy. We need someone there who can stand up to the Greenpeace Nazis.

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