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GOP Representative Mehaffie Calls On The Teamsters To Protect Him From The People

AND magazine:

Thomas Mehaffie is a Republican Representative in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The House is currently locked out by the Speaker Mark Rozzi who is using a parliamentary technicality regarding the adoption of a rules package to prevent the body from convening. The Republicans in the House are attempting to get around this blockage and force the election of a new Speaker. They are one vote shy of the number of votes they need to do so.

That vote belongs to Mehaffie, who despite his claim to be a member of the Republican Party, is siding with the Democrats and preventing the legislature from conducting business. The obvious goal here is to keep the House shut down pending the results of upcoming special elections, following which the Democrats are expected to have a majority.

Mehaffie, in short, is preventing the GOP, currently in the majority from conducting business and siding with the Democrats against his own party. What political payoff Mehaffie expects for this is unclear. There are rumors, as yet unconfirmed, that he intends to switch parties and run for federal office as a Democrat. If those are true, presumably support from Democratic Governor Shapiro would be important.

Yesterday protesters from the Pennsylvania Patriot Coalition arrived at Mehaffie’s office in downtown Hershey, Pennsylvania to protest his actions and demand that the legislature return to work. They were met by a large contingent of Teamsters in union colors and accompanied by a Teamsters tractor-trailer emblazoned with the union logo. More

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  1. When people take maters into their own hands, and it gets violent, many will wonder how this could have happened….

  2. Leftists are the bigoted, thuggish, lying, treasonous, self-aggrandizing, racist, pedophilic thieves of our lives, our liberties, our freedoms, our vote and our country.

  3. Talk about working against their own self-interest.

    I wonder how many teamster jobs have been lost in the last two decades because of offshoring.

  4. That delegation of Teamsters were probably out of Teamsters Local 776 based in Harrisburg, PA. I was a member of that disgraceful bunch of thugs/loser for right at twenty years. The bastards cost me a good job in 2004.

    An example of how completely lacking in self awareness regarding their actions was at one of their ‘Drive’ banquets… in Hershey, I believe… when the president of Local 776… a decorated Vietnam veteran… got up and endorsed John Kerry for President. The hypocrisity was palletable. None the less RIP Sir…

  5. “I wonder how many teamster jobs have been lost in the last two decades because of offshoring.”

    Go figure

    The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has their heads so far up the Libtards parties ass the can’t see where their going. The very people responsible for destroying their jobs.

  6. The book The Parallel Election, aside from documenting the massive 2020 election fraud, gives a remarkable insight into PA politics.

    IN PA, just about every political office holder, from dog catcher to Governor, from either party, is beholden to TPTB. Once you’ve been given the green light to run & win or be appointed to any job, when you’re called on to award a contract, with hold backing, rule a certain way in a case, give a job to some one’s BIL, let some one walk or pump up some charges…whatever, you’re expected to come across. Or you’re not in the club anymore.

    This asshole is a prime example.

    I can only assume most states operate along those lines as well. In the short time I’ve been in WA, there is no doubt it’s a 1 party state, the Uni-Party that is. The Rs here in Clallam County are pitiful. They play along to get some crumbs. The vast majority of us are no more than cannon fodder to these scumbags.

  7. I’m amazed by how many people still believe there are 2 parties… NOW HEAR THIS. There is one party and you nor I are invited.

  8. TPTB are often a certain group of individuals claiming authority and membership back to the colonial days. They rule local politics and control most county row offices.

    When 2022 elections happened and the legislature actually was stupid enough to vote in a member of the minority party as speaker the fix was confirmed….it was like Joey B saying I got 81 million votes but I have to count them first.


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