GOP Tanks Ban on Military’s Gender Surgery


Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) never served in the military — but she’s one of the strongest warriors you’ll ever meet. And during yesterday’s debate over the National Defense Authorization Act, that’s exactly what America needed. While other Republicans ran and hid, she stood in the fire, fiercely determined to stop what Barack Obama started: the decimation of the world’s greatest fighting force.

Unfortunately for our men and women in uniform, not every Republican cares about national security as much as Hartzler does. When the Missouri congresswoman tried to stop the runaway train of transgenderism, 24 Republicans said, “No thanks. We’d rather fund Obama’s political correctness than restore the military.”  [SNIP: Their names are at the link.]   By a 214-209 vote, they told troops, taxpayers, and Trump that they’d prefer to spend $3.7 billion on gender reassignments than the military’s own assignment: to fight and win wars.

If these Republicans were looking serve as “path finders” to the Congressional minority, they may have found it. According to the latest Rasmussen polling, only 23 percent of the country agrees with them that opening the doors to the gender-confused is good for the military. Add in the sky-high costs of treatments and lost deployment time, and that number would probably look generous by comparison. Like most service chiefs, Americans don’t understand how anyone could justify spending billions on a radical medical procedure when the same amount could buy a Navy destroyer, 22 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Planes, 3,700 tomahawk missiles, or 116 Chinook helicopters. After this, Congressional conservatives who stood with Hartzler will — and should — question the extra $80 billion in defense funding Congress asked for in its latest defense budget. Does the military really need it if they’re willing to spend $3.7 billion swapping people’s parts — instead of buying new ones for planes and tanks?  MORE


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  1. Why the hell is the military even offering elective surgery? If it’s not elective, and is medically necessary. Then why are they admitting damaged goods? Can I enlist with a surgically correctable heart condition and have the military fix it?

  2. 2018 Midterms is going to be a continuation of The Trump Train Reclaiming Of America.

    Many of these RINO Leftists will be primaries. And replaced by MAGA candidates.
    The handwriting is on the wall.

    Dems will continue to lose seats also. Turnout will be high for Midterms because of Trump.

    Mattis and others can create unlimited procedural obstacles to block trans surgeries and block trans infiltration of the Forces.

  3. If the Republicans can’t turn back this nonsense, they are no better than Ocorpseman. The Progressive rot is so deep, that even otherwise sensible Congressmen are afraid of alienating a minority of their electorate. They are the real pink bits.

  4. It seems we can’t win. We have been voting for sanity for decades but everything keeps getting crazier all the time. As Commander in Chief President Trump could stop this nonsense immediately.

  5. Why should tax payers be on the hook for unbridled liberalism?

    Whether it be abortions, gender studies degrees ie free college, and now transgender surgery

  6. Look at the bright side. With the addition of all these newly “commissioned” females, the pregnancy rate will drop. The military can claim having saved a boatload of money on neonatal care.

  7. They’ve Gone way Too Far with their Testing Shit !
    I see this as the Liberal’s Seeing just how Far They Can Push Us, Dropping the Frog in one Leg at a Time !
    When the Straight Men and Women, Start Suing the Navy Etc. With Sexaul Suits it Will End !

  8. Does the military pay for non-war injury or accident, bit purely cosmetic surgery? HELL NO, and neither does obamanoncare.

    Elective surgeries have never been covered, EXCEPT for the elitist politician, Nancy, Maxine, etc.

    Changing your gender is elective surgery! Dipshits.

  9. Over 30 years ago, my brother blew his knee out serving in the Army. He was about 5 months from getting out, but they told him they would only fix it if he re-upped. He didn’t and has been suffering with that knee ever since. He just got approval last year from his insurance to get it fixed (he did and can’t believe that he can walk normal again).

    Why did the government let my brother suffer like that and now will fund shit like this?

    God, will you please damn every one of those Reps that voted to pay for this abomination? Not to hell, but until they see the light? Thank you, God.

  10. According to the article 5 GOP congressmen were no shows due to “family emergencies” and her bill lost by 5 votes. It would be interesting to see what the emergencies were and when they developed. In any event these congressmen should, by their action, have bought themselves a nomination fight with an actual conservative at the next election. Let them explain their position in front of their constituents on a debate stage with a conservative running to replace him at the polls.
    With luck Mattis will ban the practice anyway.

  11. I spent 20 years in the Army (nurse) and I wanted my nose fixed. I had to go to a civilian doctor and pay out of pocket–as I should have!
    I was appalled when I heard about this and in disbelief. So glad to have the names of the traitors.

  12. What Claudia said.

    Also, what stops wanna be trannies from joining up, getting their surgery and going AWOL? Illegal gangbangers and muslims join to try to get training and guns, and there are cases where gays have joined just to start trouble by playing victim in the military. All brought to you by 0bama. Thank 0bama, kids.

  13. If it will occur, and procedure takes 2 years, and of course the service member would not be deployable, make one of those bases Congress will not let the military close into a multi branch conversion center. Out of sight..

  14. this is part of Obama’s legacy that he tried to jam down our throats. I for one resent it. I’ve had enough of wasteful government spending. 3.7 billion bucks is a nice hunk of change, even for the feds. An annual voting day would give our spineless, emasculated politicians popular opinion to hide behind. On controversial topics such as this why are we not voting on them?. I seriously doubt it would have a chance of passing put to the general public.

  15. Were there any Democrats who voted against it? Yes, I’m angry with the idiot Republicans but a national tv ad could show disgust with our few and their totality. Its economical and shows bipartisanship.

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