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GOP: Trump’s border wall unlikely to be part of party platform

WashingtonTimes: Building a border wall has become the signature of Donald Trump’s campaign, but some top GOP officials say it’s doubtful his pledge will make it into the party’s platform this summer, raising questions about just how much influence the Republican nominee will have over the agenda.

While Trump supporters chant “Build that wall!” at his rallies, those who will write and vote on the platform in Cleveland in July say they consider it more of a shorthand for border security, and question whether they need to include any specific call for a wall.

But Mr. Trump himself has shown no signs of backing down, even releasing a policy paper — one of just seven so far this campaign — detailing ways he can keep his pledge to force Mexico to pay for the cost of the wall. Each time Mexican officials objected, Mr. Trump said he’d build the wall even higher.  Read More

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  1. I don’t care if it’s in the GOP platform. It’s in Trump’s platform, and everybody knows it. If its absence helps down ticket Republicans withstand Dem attacks, and helps nevertrumpers step back from the ledge, I am OK with leaving it out. Trump will get things done regardless.

  2. Vote buying schemes don’t belong in the party platform. Democrats do that kind of thing, let them keep it.
    The unions get $15B, we get some fence, the Rio Grande and the border crossings stay wide open.
    It is just another pork project.
    We need enforcement, enforcement, enforcement.
    Start tossing those who hire illegals in jail and 70% or better of the problem will be solved as they will have to go to Mexico for a job.

  3. If Trump puts in writing everything he stated thus far and he renounces zionism and Israel’s self-aggrandizing greed and genocidal mania (the invasion, theft, and incremental genocide of Palestine), and if he agrees to cut of fall aid to Israel and bring them to justice for the aforementioned, and if he agrees to prosecute the perpetrators of Agenda 21/30, and if he agrees to bring the likes of the Clintons and Bushes to justice for their crimes from election fraud to treason to crimes against humanity, and if he agrees to lift the hemp prohibition, and if he agrees to print interest free constitutionally sound US currency, and if builds a deep, wide, and tall impenetrable wall monitored from the sky, land, and subterranean, I’ll vote for him. …if he can’t get all that done, he ain’t presidential material.

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