Gordon Ramsay Can’t Open Asian Restaurant Because He’s Not Asian

The Federalist: If you are any kind of foodie, you know Gordon Ramsay is a U.K.-based celebrity chef, restaurateur, and TV personality. Even if you are not a foodie, you have probably watched some of his hit TV shows, such as “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Hotel Hell,” and “MasterChef,” or frequented one of his Michelin-starred restaurants.

I once paid a visit to his burger place inside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Normally I am not a big fan of hamburgers, but the one I had at his restaurant was delicious.

On February 1, 2019, a few days before the Chinese Lunar New Year, Gordon announced via a tweet that he is going to open an authentic Asian restaurant, Lucky Cat, in London’s Governor’s Square this summer. According to his website, the name of this new restaurant was inspired by “Asian culture where the ‘lucky cat’ is a talisman that is believed to attract good luck and fortune.”

The new restaurant will have “state-of-art” interior design and is “set to become the go-to destination for exquisite, authentic Asian cuisine and culture in the heart of Mayfair, thriving on an ethos of respect and passion that is channeled into every dish.” The lead chef for this new restaurant will be Ben Orpwood, who has “extensive experience in the realm of Asian cuisine” and was the executive chef of another Ramsay restaurant, Maze.

Ramsay said he couldn’t wait to “open the doors at Lucky Cat and bring a new flavor of Asian food and culture to Mayfair.” But self-designated cultural cops couldn’t wait to put Ramsay’s feet to fire. How dare a white guy open an “authentic” Asian restaurant without an Asian lead chef? See, for example, tweets herehere, here and here.

These SJWs really suck all the fun out of life. Based on their ill-informed logic, every person should stick within the ethnic identity and culture they were born into for life. Authenticity to them means each race and ethnicity owns its own culture.  more here

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  1. 2 observations

    Whatever happened to the “if you don’t want Asian food, don’t *go* to an Asian restaurant” attitude?!

    I hear they eat dogs in Venezuela, too. Don’t know if the sauces are Asian, though.

  2. It is beginning to grate on me that non-Euro Americans are running American food restaurants – why not shut them down as well? And how about the entire cast of Hamilton, portraying Euro-Americans but casting specifically refuses to include them as actors? Etc., etc., etc.

    Actually it only grates on me for self-entertainment purposes.

  3. Technically the ‘Chinese’ food eaten in America is well, Americanized. Dude who first opened up Panda Express based it on Hawaiian cuisine.
    Even Americanized Italian food is different from old-school Italian.
    Same goes for Greek and French. Old school cuisine involves too much entrails and organ meats. Ugh. No thanks. lol!

  4. Ramsey is a foul mouthed, domineering, self absorbed prick. However, from all I’ve heard he does prepare and serve great food……. that I couldn’t afford.

  5. Ramsey should forget this idea and *stay in his own lane.

    *Yes, I’m aware I appropriated this phrase from an entirely different culture. GTF over it snowflakes.

  6. Mary Jane: The best burger I’ve had in LV is Bachi Burger on Windmill at Bermuda. Amazing, with truffle fries. Interestingly, everyone working there is Asian.

  7. Just eat your food and shaddup.
    Children all over the world are still starving–but now it’s because their parents are hypnotized by ‘smartphones’.

  8. Next they’ll demand I no longer make cole slaw, curry, lasagna, sour kraut, shoarma, shakshuka, taco salad, okinomiyaki or other favorite foods at home.

    Then I’ll have to remind them they really ought to be somewhere else. Far away where the intense sharp pains stop.

  9. why can’t he, or the restaurant, just ‘identify’ as asian? I thought that was the thing to do today. Is there a rule book somewhere I can consult for how this goes?

    bird’s eye on uncle ben’s- it is asian ma’am

  10. Alrighty then…
    As long as other cultures don’t appropriate anything white. Ever. For any reason.
    That should thin out the SJW crowd somewhat.

  11. I worked at the Ft. Myer Mess Hall back in the late 60s and saw what the KPs did to the food. Dipped live rats in the eggs (20 gals of eggs), spat, snotted, and some foul stuff. Potatoes didn’t fare much better.
    As a Plumber I worked in the Cafeterias on the House side and (occasionally) some side jobs at restaurants.

    Only rarely eat out, now.
    Gives me the creeps.
    I wish the dude luck, but he can have all that restaurant shit.

    izlamo delenda est …


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