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Gore: Climate Change Deniers Are Just Like Civil Rights Deniers

Moe Tom sends this in and adroitly points out that Cooper sits there like a dummy and doesn’t remind Al Gore that his daddy was a fierce combatant of civil rights legislation.

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  1. Nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. Same Al Gore who made hundreds of millions of dollars going around the world scaring suckers into believing the ice would melt and the sea levels would rise. Then bought a mansion at sea level in California, plus he bought into a sea level high rise in San Francisco.

  2. Ya, shouldn’t Al be on a butte in Wyoming wearing a placard and ringing a bell?
    Instead he’s scooping up posh sea level addresses.


  3. Why does the US still only get about one percent of its electricity from solar power.
    You will never reach payback on your initial investment
    Coal, hydro, gas and nuclear are cheaper and provide a continuous supply.
    Believe me. I was an ideological youth who planned on a career in solar engineering. Once I reached sufficient education to do the math I realized there were better alternatives.

  4. Imagine if we were solely on solar…
    one massive volcanic eruption would shut down the grid.

    What does Alaska do with their eternal dusk?

  5. Climate change deniers are like Al Gore’s daddy? Wrong. Al gore’s daddy fought to deny people’s God given rights. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Al Gore uses his false religion to take away your rights.

  6. Jethro,

    Forcing phat women to ride exercise bicycles has always been the hot ticket for solving this problem. Heck some of them will pay you money.

  7. Proof of the statement there is no correlation between intelligence and wealth. P. T. Barnum nailed it when he said: “There is a sucker born every minute”.

  8. Wrong yet again, Al. The situation today with “climate science” is much more like the situation in the 17th century with the relationship between the Earth and the Sun. The scientists and researchers you call “deniers” are akin to Galileo Galilei, and you science deniers are akin to the Roman Catholic Inquisition.

  9. Holy shit. I was joking about them calling it ‘hate science’ to deny their bullshit, but once again the Left has proven they are beyond parody.

    Al Gore is a scheming piece-of-shit con man, who belongs in a prison camp.

  10. The problem here is that Anderson Cooper was born in 1967 and doesn’t know shit from schinola about the Civil Rights movement of 1964/65 . He doesn’t know that Al Gores father and all democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Passed by Republicans and enforced by President Eisenhower, a Republican. Anderson Cooper is a phucking dunce. I was born in 1941, but I know what the phuck happened before I was born. As I said Cooper is a dunce and not a capable journalist, much like the rest of them, like Jim Acosta, Chris Matthews, Chris Cuomo, and a gaggle of others. They know nothing but for their typed out talking points. MAGA, And Phuck the begrugers.

  11. @Moe Tom ~ Eisenhower’s term was up in ’61 … Johnson was the DemRat that signed the bill … remember the ‘… they’ll be voting for us for the next century’ quote?

  12. Moan Lobe. Thanks again for correcting me. I’m getting old and pissed off. But Eisenhower defied Democrat George Wallace.
    BTW. I was soldier in Eisenhower’s last parade at Fort Gordon, Georgia. I think it was 1960, before I shipped out. I was up front
    and listened to him speak of soldering. The band played “The Tennessee Waltz.” A day I’ll never forget. Semper FI

  13. Yeah. Those niggazs will be voting democrat for the next 200 years.
    Check out “www.sotomayortv.com.”

  14. Tiucker Carlson just covered the fact that Al Gore’s Tennessee home (one of two or three mega homes) uses 21 times the power of an average American home.

  15. Always had an issue with the “civil rights movement”. On one hand, the civil rights ideology was birthed by communism and organized/supervised by leftist groups – supported by gullible Christian churches.
    On the other hand, the Bull Connors, Al Gore Srs and George Wallaces were denying Southern blacks from exercising their constitutional privilege to vote. Two separate issues.
    Surpisingly, on the first point Algore, the commie eco-terrorist is right. The Climate Change Movement and Civil Rights Movement have the same origin – socialism and communism.

  16. Why does the US still only get about one percent of its electricity from solar power?
    Because Gore’s fat ass casts such a large shadow.

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