Gorka: ‘Somebody Has to Be the President’s Pit Bull’

‘I’m Going to Take It to Them’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Dr. Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, discussed his recent interaction with the media, some of which have been adversarial.

Gorka explained host Sean Hannity he was prepared to take on the role of “pit bull” for Trump after clips from his previous MSNBC and CNN appearances were shown.

17 Comments on Gorka: ‘Somebody Has to Be the President’s Pit Bull’

  1. It’s comical to watch him in an interview with the media. He remains calm while they question him with ever increasing high pitched voices. You just know that at the conclusion of the segment they’re foaming at the mouth with utter rage.

  2. seem to be getting this a lot lately on iotw…
    “Your connection is not secure
    The owner of iotwreport.com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website.”

  3. And just when Joe Scarbrow was going to crank up his “President Bannon” shtick again. Poor, sad timing, Joe. But maybe you can draw from the experience and write a tune about it.

  4. Another fun aspect of Gorka is his plummy Briddish accent.
    The American Left Media are insecure, pretentious social climbers. They respond to Brit accents like Pavlov’s dogs. PBS, Masterpiece Theater, etc. Cognitive Dissonance ensues when they hear MAGA in tones they associate with Shakespeare and Downton Abbey. I love it.
    They must hate having to call him “Doctor” also.
    Pit bull away, Dr.G.

  5. The Great Dr. Gorka can take on a panel and frustrate how ever many there are. Like other members of President Trump’s Cabinet, his IQ is in the stratosphere!

  6. To ‘Mike’…I use firefox also, and I have NEVER had a message like that, nor from my security suite which always warns me about bad websites. I think someone is yanking your chain.

  7. The irony is, if the talking heads were interested in spouting anything but the party line, they could be just as knowledgeable and informed as Gorka is.
    But then they’d have to agree with him.


    So damn petty, CNN can’t even let a positive comment about the stock market go unchallenged w/o a negative spin on it.

    CRUSHING IT MEAN WINNING you dumb cunt.

  9. Seb Gorka is a total ROCK STAR! I love the way he inserts the knife and lovingly twists it with these leftist douche-bags. To paraphrase Edward G. Robinson as Little Caesar . . . . “He can dish it out and he can take it, see?” Yeahh!!

  10. that British accent mixed with sarcasm is an excellent tonic to the distortion/lying/gnashing of corporate media.

    But please, for the love of God and everything righteous, stop elevating that subversive KronKite to Sainthood. He was anti-US during Vietnam almost as much as Jane Fonda

  11. Gorkas Brit accent, Brit patience and occassional sarcasm really puts those corporate media shills off their game. its sweet to see.

    Please, for the love of God and everything patriotic, stop elevating KronKite to sainthood. He was as anti-USA during Vietnam as Jane Fonda. Just more subtle.

  12. Mike and Kat – I get the same message every so often for IOTW and for Clash Daily. Not sure what that’s all about, but it is for real. Must be NSA or something . . .

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