Gorsuch Confirmation: Day 1

PR: Well, I grew sick and tired of the testimony of James Comey. So I flipped to the livestream of the Gorsuch Confirmation before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I’m a bit of a political junkie, I confess.

But this first day of Gorsuch’s confirmation is leaving me with the overwhelming urge to bang my head on my desk.

Now, if anything, it gives us a peek into the difference between an impartial judiciary and a very partial United States Senate.

Ideally, the judge is not supposed to begin a case with a predetermined ruling in mind.

Note I say “ideally.” Obama appointees fail that basic test each and every time.

On the other hand, United States Senators are apparently happy to begin this confirmation hearing with a predetermined ruling in mind.


9 Comments on Gorsuch Confirmation: Day 1

  1. The D’s are using every possible second in front of a bank of cameras to posture and it will blow right up in their stupid faces. They are so tone deaf they have exactly no idea how repugnant their self-serving monologues are. Most Americans just want a good job and a fair shake. There’s been a sea change with this election and it will overtake the intransigent insiders who think they still have power.

    The ridiculous things being said by the D’s about Gorsuch are so over the top. This is not helping the D’s cause (whatever it is).

  2. Damn! President Trump can’t touch those worthless, preening idiots of the senate, as he drains the swamp.

    I hope the useless questions and self-puffing footage is used against them in 2018, to vote the rest of the democRATS out, along with the cocky GOP RINOS. How much longer are we going to trust the bastards?

  3. Let them be loud, stupid, and obnoxious.
    It will only help during the mid terms next
    year when everybody goes to the vote still
    pissed off at them.

    Have at it!!!

  4. To any thinking person, those libidiots sound like untaught 4 yr olds.
    A Supreme Court Judge is supposed to judge whether something brought before the court is constitutional or not. To hear Feinstein say she’s concerned because he’s a Constitutionalist and an originalist is laughable. If she were not a lefty media darling, the media would be bringing out every scholar on the Constitution they could find to tell us how stupid she is.
    But we will be able to spend the next 8 yrs saying, “if the media weren’t liberals” on just about every issue and every nominee.
    We’ll just have to put together montages of stupid statements like hers. It will be comedy gold to anyone who isn’t part of the Borg hive of liberalism.

  5. I would never be confirmed if I was in that situation because I would be on my iPhone playing solitaire or gin rummy while they went on and on with their speeches and when a silence occurred I would look around and then lean into the mic and ask them to repeat their question.

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