Gosnell Movie Begins Filming

The cast was announced yesterday and primary filming began in Oklahoma City this week on the Kermit Gosnell movie. With a script written by Andrew Klaven and Nick Searcy (Justified) directing, they are filming the story of perhaps America’s worst serial killer.


Originally thought of as a TV movie, Gosnell will now be a feature film.


Dean Cain is cast as Detective James Wood and Earl Billings will play Kermit Gosnell.


I’d think a Halloween 2016 release date would be appropriate for this film.

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  1. WHY! There is no good reason whatsoever to make a movie glorifying this monster. Just another reason to hate hollyweird. I wonder if they’ll give Satan any credit. And FDR in Hell what does Harry Blackmun think of this?

  2. Tonight at dinner, Blackmun said, “If they don’t like the Gosnell movie, let them read -Bigelow v. Commonwealth of Virginia- and then stick it up their butts.”

    What the hell is he talking about? 🙄

  3. I’m a proud supporter of this movie. The story needs to be told.
    The press seats were empty during the trial nothing much was reported. Not enough people know about this guy and the babies he murdered.

  4. I’m adding my comment here because when the page loaded there was no comments box…

    What I’d like to know is how are the people who have been exposed providing custom-order baby parts any different than Gosnell? They seem a lot worse to me. “Farming” human body parts for lucrative sale. Like a marijuana grow operation.

  5. I’m glad this movie is being made for the sake of history.

    Note. When the “Camps” were found in Germany after the war.
    Soldiers could not believe what they were witnessing. General
    Eisenhower ordered everyone with a camera to take photos.
    because, he is said to have said, some day in the future some son of a bitch will deny this ever happened. We are all familiar with those photos today. And, today, we have deniers. Planned Parenthood is declaring that the videos are misleading, edited, even doctored.

    So I thank Phelim McAleer, Andrew Klavan, and their crew for their effort.

  6. This movie should be powerful. Dean Cain is an excellent choice for lead actor. He is a conservative and Christian leaning Hollywood star. He also has directing experience.

  7. I would hope that the man starring as Gosnell is a person of religious faith because playing such a monster could prey on your mind terribly. I think playing The Joker probably preyed on the mind of Keith Ledger and contributed to his death. “Powers and principalities” will take a foothold wherever they can.

  8. Have no fear. With Andrew Klavan as the screenwriter, this will NOT be your typical Hollywood movie. Andrew is a brilliant and deep Christian who thinks outside the box. I remember reading a post on his blog some time ago in which he confessed how huge a responsibility he felt after being given this assignment. He was putting a lot of prayer and thought and research into it. Andrew is an awesome storyteller, and he will figure out a compelling way to tell this story.

  9. Alfonzo Rachel is also in it as a police investigator. This is no Hollywood cover-up film to make Gosnell and abortion look good, this will be an exposure of the vile … I can’t think of words bad enough to describe the devil-spawn who do this every damn day. They WILL burn in hell.

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