GOTCHA! Leaker Reportedly Found



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27 Comments on GOTCHA! Leaker Reportedly Found

  1. Fake news?
    I’ll wait to see what Trump says and does.

    However she was the former regional finance director for the McCain presidential campaign.

  2. Well, the plan to root out the leak was going great until this report. Now the leaker will know that they are being sought out, and will be on guard.

  3. Not to worry, JMV. The president know what to do and WHEN to release this to the press (or maybe he won’t even?). Nonetheless, if Priebus is tied into this, it’ll be a case of Reince-Wash-Repeat…right down the drain!

  4. So, can members of the media be prosecuted for publish classified information.

    Because if they can be there are going to be some folks and CNN, NYT and Wash Post not sleeping well the next few night

  5. This is a massive crime, and has to be prosecuted and won. I have a feeling the swamp level just started going down.

  6. to call DC a swamp is an insult to swamp creatures … including humans

    it’s more of a stagnant, rotten cesspool that only bacteria & lower life-forms can reside

  7. Quite a looker…AND loose lips too. What a combo.

    Why would they allow a person like her anywhere near sensitive information?

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