Gotta Admit, I Like The Way This Guy Thinks

Ensign Pulver made a donation with an oddly specific amount. Before I could ask about it he cleared up the mystery by sending in an email.

“I had these 2 gift cards with pittance amounts on them. What else could I do with them? I sent them to iOTWreport.”

I got to chatting that there might be a business model there somewhere, a repository for cards that people would otherwise just toss away.

He said, “ya, you’re the repository. Alert readers not to throw away their stray dollars, just send them into their favorite website. That’s the business model.”
It’s quite an idea. Now I have to hope that we’re your favorite website!

13 Comments on Gotta Admit, I Like The Way This Guy Thinks

  1. There’s another way to use up those small gift card balances, but out of loyalty to IOTWR, I shall not mention it here.



  2. If you think we should be doing this for free, just tell me.
    I will gladly shut the site down and you can go vote for Bernie.


  3. How much does it cost per month to run this site? I see some blogs get a kick back
    from Amazon when you use their ‘name’? To order. I buy about $100,000 from Amazon a
    year maybe you should look into it.
    Just an idea

  4. 100K from Amazon? Really? And you haven’t contacted BFH via email about that?

    Meantime, I’ll root around. I give most of my GCs away, but I know I have some rattling around here somewhere. Meanwhile, I made a purchase of art supplies & a $100 voucher from, get that off of any case of wine priced at $160 or more, delivery included. No membership, fees or commitments. Any takers?

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