Gov. Abbott, State Officials Still Won’t Act to Ban Child Mutilation in Texas

Texas Scorecard: AUSTIN — After a years-long fight to protect children in Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott and other top elected officials still won’t act.

Now, one of the authors of a proposed child protection law says he doesn’t know why his legislation won’t get traction in the Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives.

The Issue

At issue are gender mutilation operations. Currently in Texas, medical professionals are allowed to cut off children’s healthy body parts as part of gender surgeries or chemically castrate them through sterilizing cross-sex hormones and puberty blocker drugs.

The issue drew an international spotlight in Texas with the child abuse case of James Younger, a 9-year-old Dallas-area boy whose mother told him he was a girl and wanted to force him—against his father’s wishes—to take sterilizing drugs and eventually be castrated.

Texas Scorecard extensively reported on the issue this year, detailing the outcries of parents across the state, the vote of nearly 2 million Republican primary voters to ban the barbaric medical practices, and the disastrous legislative saga where state lawmakers and Gov. Greg Abbott repeatedly refused to outlaw the operations. more

9 Comments on Gov. Abbott, State Officials Still Won’t Act to Ban Child Mutilation in Texas

  1. I’d like to see the actual wording of the proposed legislation. If one of the aims is to outlaw female genital mutilation (“FGM” or female circumcision) then that may be the problem. It would be hard to write such legislation and not also outlaw the very common practice of male circumcision along with FGM, and then have that law pass constitutional review because of discrimination based on sex.

    Although many disagree, anyone taking an objective look at male circumcision would have to agree that it meets the definition of mutilation, even if they approve of it in this one special case.

  2. Abbott ignores a lot of things until or unless he’s forced to recognize them.
    For instance, he should have had the Nat’l Guard at the border as soon as Biden opened the border.

  3. Although I realize the Lt Gov has a lot of power, Abbott does disappoint and I would like to see him replaced by a fire breathing, States’ Rights conservative. I haven’t studied possible challengers and there is that pesky name recognition that I blame for Cornyn repeatedly getting elected.

  4. I have pegged him as a “Bush Republican” for months. Talks conservative; but does liberal things – as seen here!
    But Austin has been a “Frisco wannbe” for decades!

  5. If you still have your dick, a circumcision in no way like female genital mutilation where they cut out the very thing that gives you pleasure during sex.

  6. @cheryl — Male circumcision as you correctly point out is not as radical as FGM, but I assure you that the foreskin has LOTS of nerve endings and they contribute a great deal to the pleasure men have during sex. Cutting the foreskin off very significantly reduces male pleasure.

    I’m not going into detail here, but as an intact male I am quite aware of where I experience pleasurable sensations in sexual circumstances. Circumcised men are definitely missing out, and they had no say in the matter if they were circumcised as infants or young boys.

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