Gov. Christie Commutes Sentence Of Former Marine’s Unregistered Gun Charge In NJ

American Military News: The charge was possessing a legally owned gun that was unregistered in the state of New Jersey and the man arrested was a former Marine, Sergeant Hisashi Pompey. The arrest took place some six years ago when Pompey was visiting New Jersey from Virginia. When he and some friends went to a nightclub, there was an altercation and one of Pompey’s friends retrieved the gun and was arrested. Pompey was also arrested because the gun was not registered in the state of New Jersey.

On Friday Gov. Chris Christie commuted the prison sentence for Pompey, who served “three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan for which he received medals for bravery.” Prior to Christie commuting the sentence, Pompey was arranging to turn himself into authorities for a minimum 36-month sentence for possession of an unregistered firearm.

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12 Comments on Gov. Christie Commutes Sentence Of Former Marine’s Unregistered Gun Charge In NJ

  1. Like most things Christie has done, this was half-assed.
    He should have been “pardoned” and his conviction vacated where he would have no arrest or conviction on his record.

  2. Three years? WTH?
    I knew a guy in high school that murdered the father of a chick he was hanging with that got 1 year and when I saw him later he proceeded to tell me how to murder somebody without getting caught, jail school .

  3. 6 years? Why did it take six years you fat bastard? You owe that man everything you have and more you prick. You have dis respected a man who is better than you on his worst day. You make me sick.

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