Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D- MI) made vice president list ‘two months ago’, Joe Biden says

Trump called her half-Whitmer.

ABC: We’re hearing Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s name more and more at the national level — for her response to the coronavirus health crisis.

The governor has not been shy about her disappointment in the federal government’s response to COVID-19, crossing words with President Trump on social media more than once since this pandemic began. more here

28 Comments on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D- MI) made vice president list ‘two months ago’, Joe Biden says

  1. Good! Maybe she’ll stop pimping herself out and start doing her job here in Michigan. Needed support systems are down or not functioning at required capacity. She seems to spend more time in the national spotlight than she does in her state. Nothing but a young Nancy Pelosi. Fix the damn state!

  2. Geez, I wonder if the LSM will give Her the Palin Treatment..

    Ah….Here’s the Rub

    Whitmer lives in East Lansing, Michigan, with her two daughters

  3. Between her and Joe there isn’t a brain cell to spare. They can both wear “I’m with stupid” shirts.

  4. What is it with Michigan electing totally fucked women as Govs? You’d think after Granholm, they’d be a bit gun shy.

    Anyway, if Biden was looking for a way to lose even worse(he won’t be the nominee) he found it.

  5. Voters need to keep in mind two things about Joe’s VP pick.
    1. He has already said he will only serve one term. (No big surprise)
    2. In essence, his VP pick will be the actual Democrat Preezy.

    In essence, the Democrats have no one qualified to fill that job profile at this time. As we all know, the messiah Obama wasn’t up to the challenge and he was their miracle maker. Democrats need to STFU and get the hell out of the way.

  6. MMinLamesa, lots of union workers and large government reliant population centers. Rural Mich is more conservative.

  7. “…crossing words with President Trump on social media more than once since this pandemic began.”

    Again, she made no mention of the Wuhan Flu in her rebuttal to Trump’s SOTU speech, which did discuss it. Face it, Dems…You and your media just did not give a shit and you got caught flat-footed. No amount of projection will change that.

  8. “… and I was like WOW, man. Just look at that hair. I bet it smells like … uh … like … aww, you know what I mean — them purple flowers.”

    Joe Biden, on his reason for selecting Gretchen Whitmer as his running mate

  9. I thought the fat slob black gal wit the gapped teeth , who thinks she’s Governor of Georgia had a lock on this.

  10. Please nominate her today! Then she can spend all her time on the campaign trail and stop killing us Michiganders with her idiotic, evil, and unconstitutional totalitarian edicts.

  11. She’d be a great choice for Biden, too. Next to AOC, she’s one of very few democrats who can make Biden look smart by comparison.

  12. You would think that with no one on the roads Gretch the Wretch would get busy and “fix the damn roads”.
    I’m POed that this broad sat in the SOTU address, heard every word concerning Covid19 then came back to MI and did NOTHING to prepare the state.
    Then she has the audacity to complain about Pres Trump and claiming “We weren’t warned fast enough”.
    1/2 Whit, Nessel and Benson all need to go!
    Oh, you can also add that douche Gary Peters to the list.
    His praising of China is disgusting!
    And another name to put in the waste bin, Tlaib
    Good lord, what hell have the idiots in Michigan brought down on us?

  13. Jill has to approve Joe’s selection. So, selecting a white woman is probably not in the cards – too much female competition.

  14. I agree with all the comments from us Michiganders. Governor Witless (I stole that from Different Tim) has only been a pain since she was elected dictator. Let her set her sights on the whole country and run as Creepy Joe’s sidekick. She won’t be able to handle two jobs and will leave us alone. She also won’t be able to harm the country, either, as only a candidate.

  15. She talks out of both sides of her mouth and does so faster and more often than just about anyone. It’s the same old story. If she were not a dimmicrat the media would have shamed her out of the public eye long ago.

  16. A douche by any other name is still a douche. Let the Commiecrats run her, all we have to do is keep reminding people she banned the effective treatment for the Kung Flu.

  17. She’ll be his running mate until he pins her against the wall and sticks his hands down her panties; then the party’s over!

  18. Hey Joe: What about our Governor in Oregon? She’s a lesbian and ugly as a mud fence; that’s two more boxes you can check. Too bad she isn’t a minority.


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