Gov. Moonbeam: I Demand We Put 40,000 Prisoners Back on Our Streets—Who Needs Safety?

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CPR: To our very confused governor, Jerry Brown, you can be too rich, you can not be too thin and you can never have enough criminals on the streets or enough victims of his policies. Per the FBI, in 2015 property crimes in California were up 116%and in Los Angeles murders are up 27%. Brown, and Obama have determined that more crimes and victims is good for society. Seriously.

AB 109 signed by Brown released 50,000 criminals from prison. Prop.46, supported by Brown has stopped tens of thousands of criminals from going to jail—and in many cases, not even arrested. While crime has skyrocketed in LA,. LAPD arrests have dropped 3%. While this is going on, most California law enforcement refuse to detain or arrest illegal aliens and Obama has given AMNESTY to 250,000 CRIMINAL illegal aliens, putting them back on our streets. Oh, Brown and Obama have been trying to pass laws to limit your Second Amendment rights—since government refuses to protect you, citizens are buying guns to protect themselves.  MORE

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  1. The anti-Trump thug squads need reinforcements before the general election, and Obama needs recruits for his National Civilian Security Force. Win-win for the coastal elites, lose-lose for us schlubs on the streets.

  2. And Jerry Brown said if Trump wins, California will need to build a wall. I say go for it and keep all your criminals in your own state.

  3. In certain places around the country, gang-bangers drop their chopper and run. In places like Chicago, they just run.


    Because of liberal goofs who keep letting the other goofs out of jail for gun violations and other, ahem, racially disproportionate crimes.

    I read the local crime reports daily. The common theme with any violent crime being reported?

    Lemonjello or Hose A. was released 3-4 months ago and is on parole.

  4. CA can’t do anything about it. Sacramento is controlled by a criminal syndicate with strong ties to the Mexican cartels.
    Jerry brown was barred by law from being the Attorney General due to his lack of proper standing with the state Bar. he was placed in that position anyway.
    The state constitution bars anyone from serving more than 2 terms as governor. As Attorney general, he ruled that the constitution did not apply to him and he refused to block himself from being appointed governor. (I say appointed for a reason that is too complex for this post).
    Federal election authorities refuse to intercede on our behalf.

  5. It’s all about the chaos. These are Marxist, Leftist Progressives working their way to a common goal – Weaken America any way possible and throw in some chaos to divide and conquer!

  6. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    Create a problem, ridicule and blame it on the opposition, tell everyone yer just here to solve the problem, take over.

  7. When the New and Improved American Civil War® breaks out, The Left needs plenty of violent, mentally deficient, drug-crazed fiends to act as shock troops. The UN is already printing the arm bands…

  8. “Federal election authorities refuse to intercede on our behalf”

    John S, the FEC only intervenes when Republicans are spending money on campaigns:

    “The duties of the FEC, which is an independent regulatory agency, are to disclose campaign finance information, to enforce the provisions of the law such as the limits and prohibitions on contributions, and to oversee the public funding of Presidential elections.

  9. Neighboring states should benefit as word spreads about Kalifornicate being soft on crime. Jerry Brown’s state is going to become a vacuum for criminals. Good thing for Brown, he can always blame his state’s problems on Bush. 70% of the voters will agree with him.


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