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Gov. Newsom Claims California Is A ‘Success Story’ Despite Massive Taxes, Homelessness

California Governor Gavin Newsom claimed his state is a “success story,” despite having the worst homelessness, poverty and taxes in the nation.

21 Comments on Gov. Newsom Claims California Is A ‘Success Story’ Despite Massive Taxes, Homelessness

  1. Don’t forget to add streets and cities littered with human filth in your claims of being a success story.

    I imagine his side, his end of the political and economic spectrum, does consider this a success.

    And one they are proud of.

  2. A population of despondent gov’t-dependent disarmed hopeless substance-addicted wastrels.

    The “success” story of nihilism, socialism, and totalitarianism.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I am counting the days until I leave. Lived my entire life here. What a mess.
    And enabled by the voters. Newsom is just the product – as Trump is the product at a national level.

  4. Such a success for the first time in 50 years more people are leaving than coming in and the vast majority of those leaving are super productive citizens being replaced by leeches. Commiefornication is an abomination. Congrats Gayvin, nice work establishing Satan on earth.

  5. Define success.

    Hard working, law abiding, tax paying US “citizens” will never be able to afford to live behind secure gated privacy walls protected by private security staff….nor would they choose to if an option.
    Nay, they just want clean, safe streets/communities, schools that teach their children the vital courses needed to succeed in life in ONE language, hospitals that aren’t clogged with illegals and birthing moms dropping anchors, and law enforcement protecting their communities v protecting the illegals sanctuaries, ya know, all these services of which US citizens PAY FOR.

    That’s success Gavin.

  6. Gavin is channeling the Black Knight
    in Monty Python and the Holy Grail:
    Total denial of reality.

  7. We need a modern day William Wallace. FREEDOM!

  8. I’ll tell you another funny story!

    Did you hear this one? A man in was hospitalized with 6 plastics horses in his rectum. Doctors describe him as stable now.

  9. People who work for a living are moving out. People who vote for a living are moving in.

  10. Depends on what the meaning of the word success is, is!

  11. What the heck is he smoking now? Pelosi’s pubic hair?

  12. “Gov. Newsom Claims California Is A ‘Success Story’ Despite Massive Taxes, Homelessness”

    Compared to Zimbabwe.

    BARELY… 😳

  13. Newsom is rivaling Pelosi – who rivals Hitler – in the scummy Big Lie game.

  14. What a terrible shame that the citizens of a state blessed with almost everything (magnificent beauty, complete environmental diversity, abundant natural resources, etc) to a state that has nothing but oppressive government, ridiculous regulations, crippling taxation, feces covered streets and a high percentage of dependent people. Liberal, leftist and, no doubt, completely insane politicians have all but destroyed any desire to want to visit, much less live there.

  15. A lot of Calif. residents will agree with him. You know, the ones on the beach that believe Trump and Pence both should be impeached, and the ones that voted for Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, and their other comrades. Not a lot of clear thinking with all of them combined.


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