Gov. Newsom under fire for mysterious billion-dollar mask deal with China

California Governor Gavin Newsom is under growing pressure from lawmakers to reveal details about the billion-dollar deal he signed with Chinese mask maker BYD. One America’s Pearson Sharp spoke with Sen. Brian Jones (R-Calif.), who said there’s no reason for Newsom to keep the details secret.

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  1. anybody bother to tell him how many defective ppe & test items have been unusable and sent back by other countries?

  2. Even the Sacramento Bee is raising the issue, in a serious way..
    If Newsom loses the Bee ,I will expect to see flying pigs.
    Flying pigs would fits right in here in Sacramento, so I need a better metaphor.

    I have a personal story arising from a basketball game I was playing.
    So was one of the McClatchy heirs.
    Anyway, he threw an elbow at me.
    Having grown up on the south side of Chicago and playing college ball, and being 6’5″ 210, at the time, I decided to take my time with that McClatchy asshole punk. Thought he was hot shit being a McClatchy and all that.

    A bit later he went up for a layup, with me chasing his ass down the court.
    He ended up splattered again the wall. Never got the shot off.
    He got up, looked around, left the gym, and as far as I know, never came back.
    Man, that felt good.

  3. “Gov. Newsom under fire” is a insult to vets who actually WERE under fire.

    This pussy appreciates the military almost as much as Barack “Corpseman” Obama.

    I despise people who won’t appreciate our military while reaping the benefits.

    F ’em.

  4. ‘Exploring rock pools’ – wear your mask and suffocate from the water pouring/boarding through YOUR ‘mask’ Gavin, upside down of course.

  5. Gov Newson’s purchase decision tree:
    a)buy more with better quality for less cost
    b)buy highest price with lower quantity and lower quality
    Oh, this is easy. I choose B. It’s 3 in 1 with an added bonus of supporting my Chicom pals.

  6. Is anyone surprised by the usual suspects enriching friends, family and business associates by taking advantage of this?

    Oh hell no.

  7. @ All Too Much May 2, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    Corporate bankruptcy last month.

    McClatchy is finished. Their rag in Tacoma destroyed itself and was laying off their remaining staff like they are possessed this week.

  8. It would be right that the rest of the country (not just CA) demand to see the details of his state’s deal with China. Those are federal tax dollars he used. I hope Pompeo is monitoring which “Friendly” (to China) governors are funneling money into China and how that correlates to their states’ foot dragging on re-opening.

  9. …..Honeywell mask = $0.79 no kickbacks…… Oh WAIT! ccp mask = $5.00 $4.00 kickback hmmmmmm…… I’ll take 200 million please!

  10. What we tolerate; we get.
    Whether in CA or NY – makes no difference.

    If you suffer corruption the corruption spreads. No politician, getting away with it, ever said: “No, I just can’t be dishonest, anymore!” and became honorable.
    Rot, Decay, Mold, Rust, Rats, Mice, Vermin, Fleas, Ticks, Tapeworms – never get better on their own.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. …so, you think I released a respiratory bioweapon on you, so you come to ME for something you’re going to use to BREATHE THROUGH to filter MY bioweapon out?

    Something I can make in the hot zone with infected workers, and you’ll NEVER know?

    Something I could EASILY impregnate with the SAME or WORSE bioweapon I released on you in the FIRST place?

    …ookay, here you go, don’t unwrap it till I leave, tho…


    …and we wonder why the Chinese think the West is so stupid…


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