Gov. Whitmer lifts Michigan’s stay-at-home order

LANSING, MI (AP) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer lifted Michigan’s coronavirus stay-at-home order Monday, letting restaurants reopen to dine-in customers next week and immediately easing limits on gatherings while keeping social-distancing rules intact.

The governor moved six remaining regions comprising 93% of the state’s population to phase 4 — “improving” — two weeks after she announced that two regions in northern Michigan could advance to that stage. Some businesses where close contact is necessary — gyms, hair salons, indoor theaters and casinos — will remain closed.

Retailers can reopen to customers without an appointment on Thursday and restaurants can offer dine-in service on June 8 — both with capacity limits. Day camps for children and pools can open June 8. Groups of up to 100 can gather outside with social distancing, up from a threshold of 10.

In-home services such as housecleaning can resume. Gyms and fitness centers can offer outdoor activities such as classes, practices, training sessions and games as long as participants, coaches and spectators stay 6 feet apart.

Whitmer said her goal is to shift the state to phase 5 — “containing” — before July 4. more

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  1. The thumbnail to this reminds me of when aliens appeared on the Enterprise’s viewscreen.

    “Fire photon torpedoes!”
    “Aye, aye, Captain!”

  2. Jesus, what a fucking cunt. She’ll arrest 70 year old barbers for cutting hair, but looters get a free pass.

  3. Mighty white of her to give people back some of their constitutional rights!

  4. Are you sure that’s not a picture of Caitlyn Jenner?

    Or is the Governor of Michigan trans too?

  5. The witch blasted the earlier protestors calling them racists and goons for carrying guns that are perfectly legal but tells protestors just to practice safe distancing. She loves the rioters over people that love the Constitution.

  6. She’s white. That’s a color. She’s a white woman with a proven record of governance. This white, female Governor is from one of those battleground states that could be very important in the 2020 election. Dementia Joe, please select this colored woman for your running mate. I think that this is just the kind of logic that will appeal to the Mausoleum Candidate.

  7. “improving” eh?

    Deaths in Michigan have been declining (aka, improving) since April 17th. Plus the state never used more than 43% of available beds (for all illnesses including rona). Michigan never had more than 0.15% of its population infected at any time.

    big big sham.

  8. I’ve never heard her or seen her. I’m simply basing my opinion on the information and visual aids given to us by this, the worlds worst porn site.

    Based on the impeccable credentials of the anonymous guy running this site, I’m forced to conclude that drive in movie screen forehead Govenor has a wang.

  9. So when the citizens peacefully assembled at the capitol a few weeks ago she extended the stay at home. When the thugs start tearing things apart she eases restrictions. We’ve been dealing with this all wrong as law abiding citizens. Crime does pay!🤔

  10. re the “dam” story

    ode to MI #7, dam-environment-warriors:
    .some useless lawyer bulls**tters
    .mourned their precious shell-critters,
    .they prayed to lord-peta,
    .filled their pant-suits with excreta,
    .then twerked with excitement & jitters!

  11. Talking about being in a vise, her head certainly must have been. Never seen such a funky, elongated head since that kid in ‘Mask’.

  12. The Demorat Govs are running scared.
    They know it is now President Trump time.
    They run the states,but he runs the country.
    The Feds can over rule any State,he has already started it today.
    He gave them the orders today an you should have heard Inslee whine at his presser.


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