Governor of California says, “Doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing the same way they do for insulin and antibiotics.”

Is it the weed giving him these ideas?


California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom raised eyebrows on Friday for saying doctors “should be able” to provide housing like they do medicine.

Newsom initially expressed the idea during his State of the State address on Wednesday, arguing that housing and health care are intertwined.

“Health care and housing can no longer be divorced. After all, what’s more fundamental to a person’s well-being than a roof over their head?” Newsom said. “Doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing the same way they do for insulin and antibiotics. Why not?” read more

26 Comments on Governor of California says, “Doctors should be able to write prescriptions for housing the same way they do for insulin and antibiotics.”

  1. Doctors do not provide medicine. They give you a piece of paper that authorizes you to go out and buy medicine. You do not need a prescription to go out and buy a place to live.

  2. Im all for it. Since my wife passed away im bored living in this apt. And need a six bedroom house to releave my stress and anxiety.better ask my write me a prescription for that house i just saw yesterday up the road.🤔

  3. …so, in Newsomeland, if a Muslim doctor wrote a precription for a Muslim patient to rape two Christian 9 year olds a day to prevent sexual emergencies…

  4. I wonder if I can get my doctor to write me a prescription for Bernie Sanders’ $600,000 “summer cottage”. You know–the one thats just like the summer cottage thousands of other Vermonters have.

  5. A doctor can write the prescription alright but the patient has to cover the co-pay and deductible. Any word from Kaiser or Blue Cross?

  6. Isn’t there a recall effort going on against this boob? I would imagine that the deeper into the morass California sinks then more of the voters that supported him will abandon him.

  7. Hey Gavin, what would you think if the doctor wrote the prescription for the homeless, drug addicted, disease carrying, no-good-nik to live in your house?

  8. in Gavin’s distorted mind he probably thinks he can bill Medicare for the needed housing. Becerra will sue the feds again, wasting more resources. News whores will hype the actions of California as a new human right. The UN will opine in favor of the proposal and it will all be Trumps fault for not drowning Cali in our federal funds. The saga continues

  9. With a little subsidy from the state, they can take the prescription to a U-hail dealer and get a large cardboard box, or if the state is more generous, a tent from Walmart.

    Savage was correct, Liberalism is a mental disorder!

  10. The doctor should write a prescription certifying Gavin Newsom insane whereby he would be removed from office.

  11. What is next a homeless guy shows up at your house with an order to live in a bedroom. Can’t wait to hear the results of these ideas when he runs for potus in 2024.

  12. For the love of Christ. They used to do just that until the progs put a stop to it. It is called a sanitarium, the funny farm, the booby hatch, the nut house or what have you.

    These degenerates are so full of themselves thinking they have come up with something new. It is called involuntarily commitment. It was by and large a good thing and the arrogant motherfuckers threw the baby out with the bath water and then spent the next decade congratulating themselves for being compassionate.

    Anyone wonder why I have nothing but contempt for the cocksuckers?

    This shit makes me mad

  13. Goddamnit where are the shithead Republicans when some knot head Dem utters this kind of bullshit? As soon as I read that I had the only response that makes sense and I did not have a taxpayer paid staff to coach me. Fuck me Kate, this shit burns my ass to a crisp.

    And the only reasonable response is axiomatic. That means self evident for the illiterate shitbag eRepublicans we have to respond to such nonsense

  14. What he really means is involuntary commitment for whatever reason by bureaucrats in the employ of the State.
    Trump hat and a Head Cold? 72 hour mandatory commitment for ‘evaluation’, home raided, all guns taken, children taken to CPS.
    Try getting your guns back or buy another one after being held in a mental asylum. Or keep your job.
    This is a tool for weeding out undesirables by agents of the State

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