Gowdy: Comey refused to tell Congress about Russian intelligence document in classified setting

Because Comey believes he is bigger, better than America and everything in it.

Wa Examiner: Former FBI Director James Comey refused to tell Congress in a classified setting about a dubious Russian intelligence document, according to a lawmaker who was in attendance.

Trey Gowdy, a former Republican congressman from South Carolina who left Congress one year ago, said Comey claimed the information was “so highly classified” that he could not discuss it in setting in which he was authorized to discuss classified material.

This “fact pattern,” Gowdy said, is the focus of a New York Times report published Thursday evening that said federal prosecutors are investigating a years-old leak to reporters in 2017 about the document that factored into Comey’s handling of the FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server.

“I know that fact pattern that is referenced in this story,” Gowdy said on Fox News, where he is a contributor. “Jim Comey was asked behind closed doors in a classified setting to address it, and he would not do it. His response was [that] it was so highly classified, he was not even going to tell people that were cleared to hear it in a classified setting.” read more

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  1. I hate links that when you go to them to bring back a quote it wipes out your comment.
    So I will cut to the chase, Goudy is a snake and he had the chance to call out Comey long ago and he did not, why did he not do it. He is part of the deep state,look who he works for now.
    Why are we just now finding out about this?
    What a waste of time he is and many others. Add to the list

  2. As far as I’m concerned, the House has the most clearance of any branch, the FBI should be required to disclose what they are asked and no “Presidential Privilege” either.

    The People’s House was intented to be the the most powerful branch of government, not shared equally.

  3. soooo … Comey sez his info is so highly classified that he had to leak some of it to his butt-buddy, the professor? … & told him to leak it to the press so the investigations of Trump would start?

    yeaaaaaaaah …. right

    btw, Gowdy Doodie is a bitch-boy


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