Gowdy on Reid – “I didn’t know mormons did drugs”

Gowdy’s reaction to Reid’s letter to Comey, saying that he might have violated the Hatch Act when he politicized the FBI in order to influence an election, was pretty funny.

“I didn’t know mormons used drugs.”

He said he’s glad that he’s leaving the senate and that these are the words of a political hack.

“Comey didn’t tell Hillary to use a private server. Comey didn’t tell Hillary to say that she never sent classified information on an outside server. Comey didn’t meet with the head of the Department of Justice on a tarmac. Barack Obama is the one that discussed the outcome of the investigation before it was concluded.”

Gowdy also pointed out that investigations are never concluded until the statute of limitations runs out or there is an acquittal.

“Comey is in a tough spot. What if Hillary goes to a rally and says she’s been cleared of all wrong-doing by the FBI when Comey knows they are in the middle of investigating Abedin’s computer? Comey has an obligation to inform the public that what Hillary is saying is untrue.”


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  1. Yes BFH, i saw this last night and applaud Gowdy. The term for Reid, “nothing but a political hack” is icing on the cake. I hope that Trump will get Gowdy for attorney general of the USA. That would be a HUGE step in draining the swamp.

  2. Send in Reid’s brother with a couple of bona fide bouncers to beat that piece of shit Harry the Horrid to death.

  3. What about Reid himself violating the Hatch Act on the Senate floor when he accused mittens of not paying his taxes. Seems I read an opinion that Reid is guilty of what he is accusing Comey of.

  4. Mormons don’t (necessarily) use drugs – but Morons do – regardless of their beliefs.

    And Harry Reid is a corrupt piece of shit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Stinking gowdy picks and chooses when to start snarling like a junkyard dog but then he disappears until he sees another opportunity to make a bunch of noise. If he would ever follow though and show some results he would make the all star team, instead he is a candidate for most over rated.

  6. Oh yes, when ever you hear that mean nasty bark from a tough republican you can bet it’s nothing more than a ferocious Shih Tzu.

  7. Gowdy is all talk and no action. It is like having a fierce guard dog with a mean bark and plastic dentures.

    He is a great gum flapper, but when push comes to shove he is nowhere to be seen.

  8. Mormons are against doing ILLEGAL drugs. They are fine with medical drugs. I have a Mormon friend who is a traveling pharmaceutical salesman. (There’s a joke in there somewhere.)

  9. @ Billy F….” A Mormon traveling pharmaceutical salesman went to Colorado and opened up a bakery where you could get the genealogy of your muffin….and then he spaced it out”…

  10. The top DOJ official in charge of looking at the “newly discovered” emails is best, best friends with John Podesta, Clinton handler and top campaign advisor!!!

    So now we know why Obama said Comey is not trying to influence the election because the FBI / DOJ will not find anything in the emails. The fix is in for Clinton to once again be exonerated. Protected by her paid minions.

  11. in my redneck of the woods, when someone is all talk and no action, we say “you got an alligator mouth and a rabbit ass….”

    ….and then we go dancin’ in the shells (have a physical disagreement outside in the parking lot paved with oyster shells)

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