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(Graduation) “Gowns 4 Good”


In this year’s mostly virtual commencement ceremonies, thousands of American graduates are adorning their mortarboards with the slogan “Gowns 4 Good” after donating their gowns to healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus pandemic to use as personal protective equipment.

Gowns 4 Good is the name of a charity started three weeks ago by Nathaniel Moore, a front-line physician assistant in Burlington, Vermont, who is asking graduates to donate their gowns to more than 75,000 front-line responders and others who have registered for the regalia on Gowns4Good.net.

Across the country, school graduations have been canceled to abide by social distancing rules, including Moore’s own ceremony at the University of Vermont, where he was earning an MBA with a focus on sustainability. More

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  1. Will be interesting to see how much money these Skid Mark Placement Engineers will be making in about 3 years. Probably about the same as those with Race/Gender Studies degrees.

  2. Kids have been watching too much TV since schools closed. Meat packers are the new front line heroes.

    Mortarboards 4 Cuttingboards.

  3. …if my doctor comes in wearing a teen-sized graduation gown, I’m leaving immediately…

  4. Bobcat
    MAY 7, 2020 AT 9:22 PM
    “Truck Drivers…Warehouse Loaders….”

    …nahh, they don’t have the skillz for even that, although they may load the boxes for one…

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