Make a note of what this fool says and remember it when he asks for your vote.

linds graham isis and border

Breitbart- South Carolina Senator and Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) argued the Paris terror attacks are an opportunity “to rally the entire world” to fight ISIS and “should be a wake-up call that rather than trying to figure out how to secure our borders, which is important, how about let’s go on the offense?” on the Fox Business Network on Friday.   MORE


  1. His role as conservative spoiler in this year’s presidential race isn’t having the desired effect the RNC was hoping it would.

  2. We fought the Japs and the Krauts, simultaneously, in WWII!

    Is it still possible for America to do 2 things at once?

    Walk and chew gum?

    Kill the ragheads AND secure the border?

    What a novel idea!

  3. Go on offense?! Has he not noticed the peoples’ revulsion with the corrupt Republirat Par-tay ?!
    GFY Lindsie, NO one else finds you attractive.

  4. To be more in line with his character and persona, he needs to change the spelling of his name to, “Lindsee” or “Lyndsi”.

  5. The stupid fool, the real leadership of the enemy is sitting in the White House and the other european capitals around the world. Let’s start there! We can kill the foot soldiers until we are blue in the face but their leaders will always find more. As Colin Powell would say “cut the head off the snake” by removing the assholes from office!

  6. Why is this stupid fuck still even running for president when he has maintained a consistent 0 percent in the polls?
    This turd, along with Santorum, Fiorina, Christie, Huckabee, Paul, Kasich, Pataki, and Boosh need to DROP OUT NOW.

  7. this stupid waste of skin obviously has never dealt with anything in the real world.

    For instance, once I had some hornets make a nest underneath the siding of my house, I was unaware. They eventually chewed a hole in the drywall and got into the house. We came home and found a whole swarm of hornets making themselves at home in MY HOUSE.

    NOW IS THE TIME TO GO ON THE OFFENSIVE! By Graham’s doctrine all I need to do to fight the invading hornet threat is a flyswatter and billions of dollars and some stern speeches.

    Oh, maybe I should plug the hole too. Huh. Dumbass.

    I plugged the hole. Immediately. (border wall)

    I killed the bastards in the house with great prejudice and violence. I was a whirling dervish of flyswatter death. (extermination in country, ME and many others on here)

    I found a slew of them on a lamp and carried that outside (deportation)

    I then went and fogged the SHIT out them from the outside, under the siding. (bomb the shit out of them, Trump)

    I see these invading islamists as a similar concept to a swarm of freaking hornets getting into your house. Common sense can help deal properly with both.

  8. I agree with your derision, but can’t ‘like’ your post and risk looking like I support that little douche.

  9. A little late to the party, aren’t you? A well placed nuke about 7 years ago woulda did the trick. And 7 years of fence building (ie: Border Wall, not dipshit diplomacy).

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