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Graham – Treatment of Potential Scotus Nominees is Vicious and Disturbing


Senate Judiciary Republican Lindsey Graham (S.C.) took issue Monday at the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Jackson Brown with how J. Michelle Childs, a district court nominee and member of President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court short list was treated.

“The attacks from the left against Judge Childs was really pretty vicious, to be honest with you,” Graham said Monday morning during his opening statement. 

The South Carolina Sen. said he believed there had been a coordinated effort to boot Childs from contention to be appointed to the high court. “This is a new game for the Supreme Court, and this game is particularly disturbing to me,” he said.

Childs, contends Graham, would have received the support of a number of GOP Senators, had she been the nominee. He believes she would have been confirmed with 60 votes (or more), a figure which would have brought a sense of bipartisanship back to the confirmation process that has been noticeably absent since the nomination of now-Justice Neil Gorsuch, and which was forgotten entirely during the tumultuous confirmation process of now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


10 Comments on Graham – Treatment of Potential Scotus Nominees is Vicious and Disturbing

  1. The left is the epitome of vicious. They likely murdered Judge Scalia, and, for all we know, are in the process of murdering Judge Thomas. A lot of people seem to conveniently die for the democrats when the timing is good. And yet, sacks of evil shit like Biden and Pelosi live on and on and on…

  2. Justice Thomas getting sick is suspicious if you ask me. With the sick and twisted, anything is possible.

  3. Graham knows all about “coordinated efforts”. You can’t believe he and McCain were in Ukraine in 2016 to review some troops, can you?

  4. The right plays by a different set of rules than the left because the left only bothers with rules if it benefits them.

  5. Slowjoe set the standard as he and the rest of the democraps attacked both Bork and Thomas during their confirmations.

  6. The left sets the rules. The problem with the right is that they just haven’t figured out how to play by the left’s rules and beat them at their own game.


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