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Grandma’s Doorbell Camera Leads To Grandson’s Arrest

Patriot LA: A grandmother’s doorbell camera unknowingly led to the arrest of her grandson in connection to a shooting investigation in Pittsburgh.

Tayvon Reed, 19, was charged with attempted homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment, according to a criminal complaint obtained by WPXI.

Reed was caught on surveillance pulling out a gun and shooting a man who was walking up to the front door of the Knoxville neighborhood home owned by Reed’s grandparents on December 15 at around 11:00 a.m., according to court documents.

The victim told police he walked up to the house to meet a woman and heard two shots as he walked toward the front gate before feeling pain in his right arm and falling to the ground.

Police asked Reed’s grandmother for Ring doorbell footage and she complied, while also confirming she was home at the time of the reported incident and said her grandson had left to go to a friend’s house, court documents stated. more here

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  1. OT and by the way….. just in case… hic!…. I don’t make it to….. hic!…. midnight, Happy New Year…. I’m glad this 2021 crap is over.
    God bless.

  2. “Reed dressed in a black coat with a dark-colored hood, black pants and dark-colored shoes…”

    I reckon Mr. Stealth Mode thought he was invisible to the cameras….nah, he’s just a frickin’ moron.

    Whatever happened to the legendary “street smarts” of urban clowns like this? I guess it was just an urban legend.

  3. My neighbour (over 90yrs old) had her jewellery stolen.

    Her son Installed all kinds of cameras after the fact.

    He went into a big speech about how it was “Professionals” because the got in silently, knew exactly where to look, & only took the real stuff.
    I still don’t have the heart to tell them it was the Druggie Piss tank Younger sister who was visiting the day earlier.
    She obviously left the back sliding door unlocked, then came back when the old lady (hard of hearing) was asleep.

  4. When Malcolm X’s grandson fatally torched Malcolm X’s widow, NPR or the mainstream media said what kind of nation would raise a grandson that would kill his own Grandmother?

  5. His grandma reportedly said “He was a good boy. He was going to barber school to take care of his 8 keeds”.

  6. Trayvon means “stupid perp”. A made up name that defines itself because of several democrat indoctrinated “people of colah” criminals who have that name.

  7. Is this gonna derail his possible career in the NFL or NBA ???

    They damn well ought to have a disclaimer on those cameras warning the grandmas of Dindus.


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