Grandpa of Murdered 11-Year-Old: It Seems ‘Black Lives Matter’ Only When a Cop Pulls the Trigger

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As police across the country are pulling back amid a wave of angry protests and violent rioting, an 11-year-old boy was shot and killed during a family cookout on the Fourth of July in Washington, D.C. Police are offering $25,000 for information leading to an arrest. The victim, identified as Davon McNeal, reportedly loved football. He was shot in the head in Anacostia and pronounced dead at a local hospital, FOX 5 D.C. reported. One of his grandfathers lamented black-on-black crime and criticized Black Lives Matter for ignoring it.

“Everybody’s just saying they’re just tired – tired of the shootings in the community,” John Ayala, McNeal’s paternal grandfather, told FOX 5. “Everybody’s running around here thinking they’re Uzi-toting, dope-sucking, psychopathic killing machines and they’re just destroying lives.”

“We’re protesting for months, for weeks, saying, ‘Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter.’ Black lives matter it seems like, only when a  police officer shoots a black person,” Ayala lamented, bitterly. “What about all the black-on-black crime that’s happening in the community?” MORE

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  1. figured that out all by yourself, did ya?

    when the hate that you helped, either by your support or your acquiescence, lands at your front door … suddenly it starts to matter

    go talk to your mayor … I’m sure she has the answers

  2. Ummmmm… No! Really? I am sorry the kid was killed, but is grandpa just now waking to the truth?…. WTF?

  3. Well, gramps, what about it? You want a white cop or a some white protestors or some white gov’t agency to take this matter up? I thought they were all the enemy of your “community.” (I’m totally fed up to here with that phrase, “the black community”!)

    Call in Al-Shakedown-Sharpton, Louis Farrakan, Jesse Jackson, Mad Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, or that black preacher up in Chicago — what’s his name — the guy who said “God damn America!”). They’ve always been able to fix things up for “the black community”, right? Lord knows they’ve had plenty of money to do it with.

  4. Que the Gun Confiscation push any time now. After all, it’s certainly not the black communities fault. It’s these damn guns. They just go off.

  5. Nary a word about the abortion clinics in their hood. Those babies never make it to day 1.

  6. How come these commenters not realize that it’s Biden’s fault? He has been in politics for 60 years.

    Biden has done nothing.

  7. AbigailAdams I was just saying yesterday how much I hate that word “Community”. That and ‘The People’s ___’

  8. @mja.
    I despise phrases like ‘…you deserve’. It is used by tax resolution and ambulance chasing attorneys to dupe ‘deserving self centered people who feel that they deserve a nice car and a big house.
    The only thing one deserves is just punishment for crimes you commit
    The rest is earned by hard work and clean living.
    Sorry, you deserve absolutely nothing.

  9. A friend and I was talking about all the crazy shit going on this year a little bit ago on the phone. We were in agreement the most ignorant thing about all this BLM shit is they had everyone backing them after the guy’s death that nobody remembers now. People of all colors and all classes were agreeing our police forces needed reforms, I mean they had no problem arresting moms in parks or business owners opening their businesses. Everyone was on the same page about militarized police and no knock warrants.
    Then the blacks started looting, rioting, burning down buildings, then the leftist ignorant whites got involved and now all that’s out there are criminals terrorizing everyone. Now the tables are turning and everyone is forgetting about reforming the police and are begging the police for help, including the idiots screaming to defund and the idiot leftist politicians that have been voting to defund.
    Now not only has everyone forgotten why they started protesting, everyone has forgotten the cops arresting moms and business owners, militarized police and no knock warrants.
    I guess in one way they got the cops on their side now, they refuse to help homeowners who are being threatened by mobs, they allow mobs to shut down highways, take over cities and they’re arresting the people who defend themselves.

    It’s pretty damn obvious the leftist movements, the leftist politicians and the leftist cops don’t give two shits about black lives or any lives other than their own and their own power.

  10. Maybe if they supported the first BLM movement they wouldn’t be suffering from the violence of today. The first BLM movement, you ask? Yes, “Baby Lives Matter.” How many babies, especially black ones, have been offered up to the god of Planned Parenthood for several generations, started by a eugenics-supporting racist named Margaret Sanger. Maybe if people valued the lives of the most innocent then they might value the lives of others.

  11. I thought Floyd died of a fentenyl + meth OD and a bad heart. The so called autopsy the family had done was by a sleazy professional witness based on watching the video. You can’t choke someone by putting a little pressure on the side of the neck. If he was talking he could breathe.

  12. He forgot to mention that the black life had to belong to a criminal or thug too. Every example of a black life lost to a cop that has been protested has been one of a criminal or thug.

  13. Until the American black culture decides to give up their African tribal roots/nature, they will never succeed in a western culture. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let them convert my western civilization culture to an African tribal culture.

  14. How horrible for this man and the family.

    Watch. And be surprised, this and stories like this, will lead to a landslide. That and the story of the murder of the girl in Atlanta.

    People are sick of this shit.

  15. What’s truly maddening is that this garbage goes on year after year in this Dim run hellholes but they STILL vote for the same people who let it happen and THEN whine about the results of their votes.

  16. @MJA — I’m pretty sure “the black community” was a buzz phrase created by a race hustler. Probably multiple race hustlers. Jesse Jackson (still can’t figure out how he got MLK Jr. message so twi$ted) comes to mind as a central progenitor.

    And, yeah, “The People’s ______” should bother everyone. It’s taken directly from Maoist propaganda. As if anything in Communist China actually belongs to the people. What a laugh!

  17. BLM is going to cause a lot of suffering among blacks. One reason is all the other things going on within it socialist, gays, anarchist etc. But it’s all under the name black lives, so who will people associate all the bad things happening with?
    Black lives! I feel sorry for the wonderful black people who are going to be looked upon as trouble makers who never had a part in any of this nonsense and the innocent victims who’s lives don’t seem to matter.

  18. So Grandpa, were you one of the ones that set a good example when you were a young man, or the other kind?

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