Grassley requests records from DOJ on findings of investigation of Flynn-Kislyak transcript leak


Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Ia.), the senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to the acting attorney general of the Biden administration Justice Department on Friday asking him to explain findings regarding the leak of classified transcripts of the Michael Flynn – Sergey Kislyak phone conversations in December of 2016.  

News that the investigation had ended with no one being charged in the code-named Operation Echo was quietly revealed in a January 19 New York Times article about an investigation of Republican Senator Richard Burr that had just wrapped up.

“…investigators opened a leak case into a Washington Post column about phone calls in late 2016 between Sergey I. Kislyak, the former Russian ambassador to the United States, and Michael T. Flynn, then Mr. Trump’s incoming national security adviser. The leak was one of several matters under scrutiny by John H. Durham, the special counsel investigating the officials who opened the Russia investigation,” the Times wrote.


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  1. What is the term? “Boob bait for the Bubbas”. Or is it keeping up appearances. It’s certainly nothing serious.

  2. I found it interesting that there was something in the news 2 weeks ago about Bidens people already ‘reaching out’ to foreign leaders, pre-installation. Is that not exactly what all the collusion bullshit was about they threw at Trump?

  3. Don’r hold your breath waiting for Grassley. He’s republican garbage, there only to screw us.

    Join the new Partiot Party that is coming and leave the GOP far, far, far behind.

  4. While I strongly support the US Citizens Bill Of Rights.

    We now have a Media Complex that seems to be actually run by foreign / Anti-USA Political Parties. So should USA adversaries have the same protected rights? Which allows them to violate several Bill Of Rights in the Process.

    The Illegal Publication of Classified documents and data done for solely for Political reasons, should require Federal Warrants be issued. Warrants that require Federal officials and their Staff with access to the illegally released document to be Polygraphed, criminally charged or dismissed and banned from future Government related employment.

  5. What a phony asshole. Piece of Shit traitorous republican. These republicans in congress think that they can go back to their old ways of pretending to be tough and really fighting hard against the communist death democrats when in reality they are with them all the way. We will never again be fooled by the republicans. Chumps no longer.

    Piss off and die Grassley you traitor.

  6. The idea of equal justice is an arcane concept that’s outlived it’s usefulness as a tool to placate the masses.
    Grassley didn’t get the memo or his advanced age has dulled his ability to notice the voters are no longer buying into the charade.

  7. Oh look a squirrel!

    Yeah, we can just vote them out.

    Once the SC decided they were too afraid of the scary communists(thank you Trump’s 3 picks, fucking traitors, you showed us early on you’ve caught the cushy lifestyle fever I assume just about everyone that didn’t have it, gets it when they come to DC) that was the death knell.

    Texas and 15 other states have no standing in a federal election???

    The rot is down to the foundation.

  8. nn2n1
    Because the radical left of the GOP overrode Don’s veto!
    Kevin, Adam, Mitch et. al. care not for “Chumps”!

  9. And all his previous requests resulted in absolutely nothing. I suppose we should take this guy seriously now? Not happening. He has been in the swamp since the 75. Didn’t he once have the title “stupidest member” of congress once upon a time.
    All bark and no bite.

  10. Age 87, Senator R-IA since 1981. Wouldn’t you think that one of these days we would wake up and find that 90% of congress has passed away from natural causes.

  11. Destroy the GOP. TOTALLY destroy it. Walk away from it. Starve it. Humilate it to death.

    Join – and fund – the new Patriot Party as soon as Trump announces it.

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