Grassley Seeks Update After Referring Avenatti, Swetnick To Justice Department For Kavanaugh Claims

Daily Caller:

GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa asked the Department of Justice and FBI Tuesday for an update on the criminal referrals he submitted against witnesses who made potentially false accusations of sexual misconduct against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The Senate Judiciary Committee asked the Justice Department to pursue criminal investigations of four individuals following Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation to the Supreme Court in 2018.

“When individuals intentionally mislead the committee, they divert important committee resources during time sensitive investigations and materially impede its work,” Grassley wrote in a letter to Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray. “Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal. It is illegal to make materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements to congressional investigators. It is illegal to obstruct committee investigations.”

—The senator asked for a response to his letter by Oct. 21. MORE

9 Comments on Grassley Seeks Update After Referring Avenatti, Swetnick To Justice Department For Kavanaugh Claims

  1. Note to Grassley: Be careful, very, very careful, of the entire Republican establishment. They are progressives and as such are out to give the impression they are with you while they run interference for Democrats and ratfuck you. That is and has always been the part they play in the progressive movement.

    I’m serious, use extreme caution with them. They are treacherous MF’ers who will dry shave you any chance they get and they are perpetually on the lookout for the time/place it will do the most damage. Don’t trust them, none of them. Period. Full stop.

  2. I sure hope he sent that letter through the United States Post Office. With special handling. And a return receipt.

    Oooh! And, AND, I hope some paid staffer wrote it. For the signature stamp.

    And sent copies to The Department of Justice AND The Federal Bureau of Investigation. To have paid staffers sign for it. To hand it to paid staffers to open it. To hand it to paid staffers to file it.

    Gotta keep the economy booming. While Columbia keeps… uh… something, something, orange-cide.

  3. …update: the charges are ready to file, they’re sitting right on top of Jeff Sessions’ pile of 4, 754,343,457.2 sealed indictments, we’re just not sure which New Jersey warehouse they’re in, we’ll get back to you in a few years…

  4. …notice of the plans for charges are on display. Douglas Adams can tell you where…

    ‘”But the plans were on display…”

    “On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”

    “That’s the display department.”

    “With a flashlight.”

    “Ah, well, the lights had probably gone.”

    “So had the stairs.”

    “But look, you found the notice, didn’t you?”

    “Yes,” said Arthur, “yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.'”‘

    -Douglas Adams, ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’

  5. Here’s the update: they are possibly thinking about maybe considering the option of charging those people with crimes.

  6. they will just delay until the statute of limitations runs out.
    just like they did with hillary and uranium one


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