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Great Idea But It Will Never Catch On


Because those discarded lids, by moronic littering a-holes, will be like razor blades onĀ the ground.


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  1. Looks like something designed by a personal injury lawyer.

  2. Just wait till the “save the planet” crowd gets on this. The will have to declare bankruptcy.

  3. Who needs to get beer into their gullet that fast? I mean besides a Kennedy.

  4. That’s what funnels and rubber tubing are for.

  5. I love to drink beer from an open top to get more flavor but people are not responsible enough sadly.

  6. Good to be able to ensure there’s no bee in your beer!

  7. Isn’t that what we had before the stay tab was invented? Bigger but it’s the same concept.

  8. Bo is exactly right. WTF go back to what we’ve already moved from? Next we’ll have to punch the tops like in the REALLY old days of beer.

  9. I remember, as a kid in the 60’s, picking up the random pull tabs I found the street and tearing the curled portion from the ring. I could then fit the narrow end of the curled portion into a slot on the edge of the ring. Using the curled portion as a spring I could lauch the ring and it would go 20 feet or so. That would keep us kids occupied for hours at a time having battles with the rings.

  10. I only by drinks in glass bottles. They should make the lid stay on the can.

  11. I agree with Anon. Love beer, but hate the taste of the can. Besides, who puts Hefe or IPA in a can anyway?

  12. “I blew out my flip-flop,
    Stepped on a pop top,
    Lost my foot, had to cruise on back home…”

  13. The only cans I remember from the 60s was the rusty cans of Carling Black Label beer they shipped to us in the Pacific.(Guam and points west). No tabs. You’d better have a sharp opener. Or screwdriver.
    Before that, everything was in bottles with (gasp) bottle caps with CORK liners.

  14. What like we’re too dumb not to invent the HUGE stay tab,
    piece of cake.
    Have your beer and drink it too.
    The real threat to beer is Anheuser Busch.

  15. If you’ve ever opened a brewski (or can of oil) with one of these speak up. Happy Saturday, despite the sh*t happening, I’m gonna grill steaks tonight and be thankful I live in the finest country in the world. Oh, and Lisa Jackson, I’m using charcoal so piss off, OK? btw, I got that from the toolbox, not online…

  16. I would much prefer to drink out of that can for the reason Notme mentioned, but we can’t even have plastic bags on Hawaii Island, anymore. I’m sure our legislators would jump right on outlawing these. And, as someone who picks up trash for exercise, I concur with BFH’s opening sentences. I’m still occasionally finding the OLD pull-tabs, believe it or not.

  17. Chish – speaking up! Those were universal back when beer cans were tinned steel, not aluminum. It took real muscle, not just technique, to scrunch one of those things down to an inch high. (Unless you cheated and stomped on it!)

    I remember Ballantine very well because it was the first beer I drank a whole can of when I was 8 years old. I had come home from school for lunch and was kicking stuff on the sidewalk. Some litterbug had tossed a few beer cans on the walk and the 2nd or 3rd one I kicked was very heavy – it was unopened and full! I took it home and gave it to my mother who put it in the fridge. I told her I’d drink it when I got home from school, and she just laughed. When I got home, she was doing some chore elsewhere in the house and so I went to the kitchen, got the beer, punched holes in it like I’d seen my father do, and drank the beer. Mom came into the kitchen just after I was done, opened the fridge, and then asked me where the beer was. I think she was sort of upset when I told her I’d just finished it, but I’m not sure I remember that part. I guess it hit pretty hard because I fell asleep (i.e. passed out) about then.

    It took me quite a few years before I could catch a whiff of beer without getting a bit queasy.

  18. Beer is a GATEWAY beverage!!
    I used to drink beer. Lots of beer.
    But now mostly Fine Bourbon and Single Malt Scotch…

    When camping, I buy it in cans and pour it into a stainless coffee mug w/ sippy lid. Keeps the bugs out and the empties are easier to deal with.
    I hate litter. I leave my campsite cleaner than I find it, because I was brought up right.I don’t see many pull tops these days, but there are plenty of bottle caps laying around.

    At home, whether canned or bottled, it goes in a pint glass.

    These days I drink Bohemia, and the occasional Sam Adams.
    And I have a soft spot for Anchor Steam beers.

    I do not like warm beer.
    I do not put any vegetation in my beer.
    I will not drink Corona- la cerveza mas ptui. Ever.

  19. Awesome Al. I cut my teeth on Ballentine when I grew up on Long Island. If the old man was a little “short” it was Reingold.

  20. If there’s a bee in your beer,
    you’re drinking it too slow.


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