Great Moments In Bad Ideas

Misting Showers Installed At Auschwitz
auschwitz-instagramHT/ New Chisel

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  1. Don’t forget the forced anorexia.
    Having been there at a young age, it ranks right up with climbing the Leaning Tower, transocean flight in a prop plane, and the ESBuilding as far as indelible memories go.
    Showers, isn’t what I would think of as kindly accommodations.
    Zylon B, not just for Jews anymore.

  2. Okay. Are we just being overly sensitive now? It’s in Poland, not in Germany. The Poles didn’t do this to the Jews during WWII, it was Nazi Germany.

    These people were only trying to help overheated tourists stay cool in extreme heat. Can we, as people, not do or say anything anymore? Is everything offensive? I’m sort of sick of all the eggshells…….

  3. Naaah. It’s not the entire world. I met a guy in the Miami airport three weeks ago who seemed pretty sane. Except for the part about actually being in the Miami airport.

  4. I’m with both of you and yes I too laughed. Move on, by making the connection in the first place is that not racist?

  5. Okay this wasn’t mine originally.

    Caught my old German plumber hooking the gas line up to the shower. Old habits die hard.

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