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How many times do you think Trump will play golf during his Presidency?

Will we be as critical of Trump as we were of Obama if he plays at the same frequency as Obama?


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  1. So long as President-Elect Trump negotiates deals with foreign countries or obstinate members of Congress while playing golf, then I’m all for it. Swing away!

    All our Filthy-Mohammedan-Savage-In-Chief has done in 8 years was to use golf for relaxation after working hard to incrementally fuck over America and the West.

  2. No need to guess the media will have a running tally right in the lower right hand corner of the picture of all of the Trumpvilles full of homeless that Obama policies threw out on the street.

  3. I doubt if you will find President Trump on a golf course any week we have six special forces members killed, or the day after something like Benghazi.

  4. I think he will play almost never. And when he does, it will have something to do with some kind of business meeting.

  5. Of cause we wil will. However, no matter much we say the left and the MSM (not to be redundant but to name the second as a subset of the first) they won’t hear us and will accuse us of hypocrisy.. The is the same as how, to them, we never had any criticisms of Bush.

  6. It depends on whether he does the job he was hired to do.
    Trump looks to me like a 7/15 kind of person, as opposed to a 5/5 person. So he can work and play, as far as I am concerned.

  7. I’ll bet he’ll play at least one round a year with Rush Limbaugh.
    VP Mike Pence will play at least once at the Trump International, Doonbeg, Co. Clare, Ireland, birthplace of his grandmother.

  8. Golf is a pasttime, not a vocation. Obama didn’t get that. My problem with his golfing was he put it ahead of doing his fucking job.

    If President Trump gets shit done I don’t care if he golfs. But if he is out on the links when Yazidis are being slaughtered by ISIS or Americans lose their homes in flooding, I will not hesitate to call him out on it.

  9. If he really wants to make America great again, implode the buildings that house the Dept of Education, EPA, etc, and make it a driving range.

  10. As long as he gets things done, let him play every week if he needs it. Whatever gives that man the stamina he has, I hope he keeps doing it just like he has been doing it.

    All 0bama ever did was screw around when he wasn’t busy trying to destroy everything we love about America. Fck’n ball washer.

  11. I would quit golfing no matter how much I loved it. Don’t do anything that Obama did. Bowl…. Isn’t there still a bowling alley in the White House? Switch all the furnishings for others that are kept in the warehouses, plenty of alternatives. Get Churchill’s bust back into a prominent place. Change it all up. And give NASA a real assignment and not one to complete in the year 2033…. Give them 4 years.

  12. Well, we know one thing about him already. He showed up at the White House this morning EXACTLY on time–how refreshing. I will be critical, as others have said, if he isn’t getting the job done or ignores critical situations. I guess now we will be getting body counts again from the MSM.

  13. If he does, he will play on HIS golf course and take HIS plane.
    Not a 5 million trip on the tax payer’s expense. Probably stay in HIS hotel as well.

  14. He can play all he wants as long as he does his job first. My husband said if he was Trump he’d be fiddling with Melania in the Lincoln bedroom instead of golfing!

  15. I don’t care how many times he plays golf as long as he does what he promised. I wouldn’t have cared about Obama playing golf either, if his lazy ass ever got ANY work done. I used to read his schedule over on White House Dossier. Some days all he had was a half hour meeting with his advisors. WTF did he DO the rest of the time?

  16. I don’t think he’ll play as much a Obama.
    He’ll work longer days and wear a suit and tie in the Oval Office.

  17. Different mind set. Trump is a businessman who is used to accomplishing things. Obama was a community organizer who wasn’t. Trump will play golf (I believe he is actually pretty good), but only when he can because the nation’s business comes first.

    I would recommend Rick Reilly’s “Who’s Your Caddy” for his story on caddying for Donald Trump for one day.

  18. Ike played more golf than even 0bama. I don’t really care how much time any president plays on the links, I just want the results our country needs.
    That said, there was huge uproar when W continued to play golf after beginning the Iraq war. He quit. 0bama kept going, and the same people roasting Bush for playing bent over backwards to accommodate 0bama. Typical liberal hypocrisy, nothing to see here.

  19. Bad Brad. No way will Trump ever, ever play golf with that mackdaddy. You watch. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat bar B Q crow.

  20. at least trump owns his own course.

    big difference golfing at your own course on your own time.

    trump probably can play the game too.
    all obama could do was “play at” the game.

  21. Obama’s going to be callin up Trump,asking if he can golf with him on his dime.Other people’s money dontcha you know.

    annie Go Trump

  22. Even if he spends 4 hrs playing a round, he will still put in 12 at the office, which is not (that I can gather) what Barry did

  23. I won’t rest until . . .;
    I’ve scored an eagle;
    I make it past that first sand trap;
    I find my golf ball;
    I. I.. I.. I… I… I… I…. I…. I…. I….

  24. If Trump plays golf he’ll go around in three hours, shower, have lunch, and get back to work for America. No jiveassin’ around, plumb bobbing puts, searching for balls, and having conversations on the Tee box and putting green. Play golf. Let’s get on with it. We’ll talk at the office. That’s how I envision him playing golf as POTUS.

  25. I think the biggest complaint at the Trump WH will be the long hours. Trump sleeps about 5 hours and that’s it. He’ll probably need to keep a back bench for those early/late hour “To Do’s”.

    Golfing? He has strongly criticized obama for “playing more golf than a pro on the tour!” So, I doubt we’ll be seeing Trump on the course much and then only to sign up a deal for making America great again.

    Will we criticize Trump for golfing? No. We’ll be begging him to stop winning so much!

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